Tulsa King season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Adobe Walls

In episode 8 of Tulsa King, Dwight begins preparing to fight back against the enemies that he made and Stacy continues in her quest to send Caolan Waltrip to prison. The episode is streaming on Paramount+.


Mitch is teaching all the people associated with Dwight how to shoot a gun but they’re woefully inept at it except for Grace. She tells Dwight that she’ll do what needs to be done to protect herself but asks him to consider how he affects their lives the next time he’s making a major decision.

Dwight tells Mitch that he’s going to need a lot more hardened men on his crew and asks Mitch to link him up with some. Stacy confronts Caolan about Roxy but he simply claims that he doesn’t know where she is and brushes her off.

Jimmy The Creek meets Dwight, Bodhi and Mitch at the Bred 2 Buck as they pitch their idea to open up a casino with his name on the licence. They let him know the benefits he’ll receive and how he’ll be carefully shielded from any legal ramifications.

Dwight also asks Jimmy to point him in the direction of some battle-hardened Indians like Bad Face for his crew. Pete’s funeral is taking place in New York and Chickie is discussing how to deal with Dwight.

One of the capos expresses some apprehension about taking out a made man and legend like Dwight and Chickie grabs him by the collar and threatens him in front of everyone.

Tyson and Dwight are surveilling the Black Macadams bar and Tyson asks Dwight what exactly is going on but Dwight tells him to just stay sharp and he’s keeping him out of the loop so that he doesn’t become an accessory after the fact.

Stacy and her boss are sitting down with the FBI who are still probing Dwight’s presence in Tulsa but Stacy tries to steer them in the direction of Waltrip instead. She tells them that Roxy mentioned bank accounts on Caolan’s laptop which could be a good lead to follow.

Mitch introduces Dwight to two ex-cons that he knows from the rodeo who are ready to join him. Tyson is packing up his stuff as he leaves home and his father tells him to just take care of himself because they’re done trying to change his mind.

Tina calls Dwight about his offer to have them visit Tulsa but he tells her that the plan might have to be put on hold while he settles some issues over there.

The ATF raids Caolan’s bar and gets their hands on his laptop but he and his lieutenant are nowhere to be found. Dwight visits the ranch and meets Margaret’s ex-husband, Brian Gillen. The two of them have a very frosty exchange and Dwight tells Margaret that he’s not a great guy.

The ATF and the FBI are going through Caolan’s finances and are flabbergasted by how much money he’s handling. Caolan calls the corrupt cops and tells them to arrest Dwight somehow because he wants to let out his anger at being raided and get back at Dwight.

Jimmy asks Bodhi why he should get into business with Dwight for the casino and Bodhi tells him that any kind of deal with Dwight will benefit him tenfold despite the added risks. Jimmy listens to this and decides that it is worth a shot.

Tyson and Dwight are on the road when they’re pulled over by the corrupt cops. Dwight says he’ll handle it and walks out with a hand in his jacket pocket pretending to hold a gun. He gives them a serious threat and they back off, letting him and Tyson go.

Stacy has a session with her therapist who tells her that she appears to be running away from her real issues. Chickie calls Dwight and says that he wants to bury that hatchet and that he’ll be travelling to Tulsa to smooth things over.

In reality, it is just a ruse to get close to Dwight so that he can take him out. Caolan berates the cops for not bringing Dwight in and says he’ll handle the problem on his own.

Armand has dinner with his wife she expresses her concerns over what he’s getting into. She says that if he’s going to continue his criminal ways then she wants a divorce because he’s no longer the man that she married.

Stacy walks up to Dwight outside his hotel to tell him that Caolan’s bar was raided and there is a warrant out for his arrest. She asks him to stand down and live a normal life but Dwight doesn’t really want to do that.

He flirts with her a bit and she mentions his relationship with Margaret. As they’re talking, Caolan and his lieutenant ride up from behind and start firing on them. Stacy and Dwight get out their guns and Dwight takes out Caolan’s lieutenant.

However, Caolan shoots Stacy and rides away as the police show up and Dwight gets rid of the gun in his hands. He promises to get back at Caolan for his actions.


  • Grace giving Dwight a piece of her mind is a great scene for a character who has barely had much screen time or dialogue. It shows that there’s an entirely different side to her that hasn’t been explored yet.
  • Sylvester Stallone has great chemistry with Andrea Savage and Dana Delany, his two potential love interests. The dynamic in each relationship is largely different with the only common factor being Stallone’s charm.
  • Tyson’s relationship with his father is something that has been partially explored but it hasn’t necessarily had the emotional impact on the character or his story that may have aspired for.
Tulsa King season 1 episode 8
Tulsa King season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Adobe Walls 1

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