Tulsa King season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Visitation Place

Episode 4 of Tulsa King involves Dwight facing his first competition for business in the area and Tyson has to make an important decision about his life. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Dwight sneaks up on Armand with a gun and takes him inside the house as his family has just left for a bit. He asks Armand if he was sent by Chickie to kill him. Armand says he thought Dwight was there to kill him which is why he took the first shot.

Armand says that the man who attacked Dwight in prison was sent by the mob because they were afraid he flipped. Dwight says that Armand now works for him because he has a debt to repay from his mistake all those years ago.

Tyson picks up Dwight from the hotel and takes him to the tailor to get some suits altered. Stacy looks over Dwight’s records as she discusses her dating life with a co-worker.

Mitch has received the nitrous tanks that he ordered and Dwight sends Bodhi, Tyson and a few others to sell them at the music festival. Business is good there but they do get approached by some gruff guys who say that this is their territory and they need permission to sell the nitrous but Tyson and Bodhi brush them off.

Armand’s wife had just walked in as Dwight was leaving earlier and now she knows all about his past life in the mob, which she is not happy about.

Tyson picks up Dwight the next morning and informs him of the good night they had. He gets his cut and then asks if he could one of Dwight’s rings so Dwight gives him his pinkie ring.

Caolan and the rest of the gang are at their bar discussing how they just let people outside come in and steal their business. The two men who backed off from Tyson and Bodhi apologise but they still get beaten down as punishment.

Mark, Tyson’s father makes fun of his pinkie ring before getting more serious and telling him that he shouldn’t be working with a criminal much to Tyson’s annoyance.

Joanne gets a call from her older brother Dwight, who just wants to check-in. She isn’t too thrilled about his call and then tells him that their brother Joe has lymphoma and it’s not looking good.

On the second day at the festival, a group of men pull up on Tyson and the others and beat them, stealing their money and nitrous in the process.

At the bar, Dwight tries to find out more about the people who attacked them and Bodhi says that some of them wore “Black Macadam” jackets and Mitch says that they’re a local biker gang with some sway.

So Dwight’s solution is to go back there that night and use their heads to get back what was stolen. He calls up Armand and tells him to meet them there as well.

Tyson gets his bruises tended to by his mother while his father chastises him for whatever he has gotten himself into. Everyone meets back at the bar and Bodhi brings Bad Face along as well, who is excited about this trip.

Just as they’re about to leave, Mark walks in and insists that he’s going along with them because he’s worried about his son. Mitch offers to go along but Dwight tells him to hang back because he’s on parole.

Stacy goes to a bar where a man buys a drink for her and they get to talking. The group gathers outside the music festival and waits for everything to wind up before they grab a couple of baseball bats and attack the bikers in a major fight.

Stacy takes the man back to her place and sleeps with him before he eventually leaves. Everyone enjoys some drinks at the bar after their triumphant return and Tyson thinks he’s made some peace with his father but Mark leaves and tells him that he has a home if chooses to.

Armand says the experience was cathartic and Dwight gives him some cash for joining in on the job.

Joanne facetimes Dwight and says that Joe doesn’t have very long so he should say whatever he wants now and Dwight recounts a story from their childhood and gets emotional.

Armand gets back home the next morning and when he accidentally steps on some dog poop he walks over to his neighbour and stuffs the poop-covered shoe in his face because it was his dog that pooped in the first place.

He then tells his wife that they’re not moving as she suggested earlier because they have a home right there.


  • The entire fight sequence with “War” by Edwin Starr as the soundtrack is by far the most entertaining part of the episode. The violence is so random and chaotic with all these different characters getting into out with different body language.
  • The scene immediately following that as all of them are lined up at the bar is also a great shot that belongs in a high-profile heist movie or in a superhero team-up flick.
  • Armand’s connection to Dwight is very vaguely explained and it would be better if they follow up on this although it seems as if it’s going to happen very gradually.
Tulsa King season 1 episode 4
Tulsa King season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Visitation Place 1

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