Trying season 3 episode 8 recap & review: The End of the Beginning

In the final episode of Trying season 3, Jason and Nikki decide to finally go through with their wedding before they find out whether Princess and Tyler will be staying with them forever. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Nikki and Jason have received a copy of what Bev plans to read in front of the judge for their hearing and it looks very dire and scathing. They begin to worry about whether they’ll get to keep Princess and Tyler.

Nikki talks about how she had so many dreams and ideas in her head about how things would go for them including getting married with the kids there, and Jason has an impulsive thought.

He suggests getting married before the hearing as long as they still have the kids and Nikki agrees to it. They scramble to get everything set up in time and get a spot at the registrar’s office because of another cancellation.

They head out to get flowers before Princess and Tyler leave with Vic to pick out their outfits for the wedding. Nikki meets with Karen to get her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Karen asks Nikki to be the godmother to her child while Scott announces that he’s quit writing.

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Jason and Freddy are looking at rings but Jason isn’t sure about getting them because they’re out of his price range. Freddy insists that he get them and even offers to share the cost because it is for his best friend. Jason begrudgingly agrees.

Nikk and Jason reconvene with only music left on the list and they bring along a street musician with them to the office. Everyone’s there at the office as Vic enters in a wizards outfit and gives Nikki and Jason the outfits that were picked out for them.

Nikki is dressed up as a princess while Jason is dressed up as a knight as they enter the room. They walk down the aisle and Nikki asks the reverend to rush through the ceremony. Nikki rushes Jason through his vows and says some brief words herself before they officially get married.

As they leave the office, Scott tells Jason that he’s made them some money by “shorting” something. Freddy gives them a muffin basket and tells them it’s their wedding gift. Everyone then rushes to the courthouse for the adoption hearing.

At the hearing, Bev repeats all the reasons why she thinks Nikki and Jason are unfit to take care of Princess and Tyler, listing things she’s come across out of context. In reality, Bev is too afraid of losing her grandchildren just like she lost her daughter.

The hearing takes a break and Nikki has a chance to talk to Bev. She tells Bev that they would want her to be a part of the children’s lives and wouldn’t want to cut her off. Nikki then tells Bev that she can say whatever she wants to the judge when they go back in.

Bev has a change of heart and speaks in favour of Nikki and Jason. They walk out of the hearing with the news that they are officially Princess and Tyler’s parents. The entire family celebrates together, including Bev.

Everyone heads back to Nikki and Jason’s for a get-together and while picking out muffins, Nikki finds a pair of keys in the basket. She asks Jason if those are his keys and he says no. They try it on their door and realise it works.

Freddy walks up and starts talking about rent, before admitting that he had some money aside and decided to buy the flat so that they can continue living there.

Later at night, Scott wakes up in bed to see that Karen is still working on her novel. He picks up his phone to read a news alert reporting that the publishing house that ridiculed him has shut down because of their debt. Freddy continues to do volunteer work.

Nikki and Jason savour the moment and get ready for the life ahead that awaits them.


  • The finale of Trying season 3 is all about emotion. There is a wave of them flowing throughout as Nikki and Jason decide to officially get married after long agreeing to it.
  • Winning over Bev felt like a rushed side plot although the intent to tell a meaningful story deserves some credit. The director didn’t want to pull the focus away from Nikki and Jason while also making sure their path wasn’t without obstacles which is the essence of the series.
  • Freddy and Scott have progressed well as characters that certainly had their flaws but actively worked towards redeeming themselves. While Freddy’s journey was more straightforward, Scott still maintained some of his quirkiness while showing growth where it was required.
  • With ‘Trying’ being renewed for a fourth season, it will be interesting to see Nikki and Jason embrace the next stage in parenthood, taking care of the children full time.
Trying season 3 episode 8
Trying season 3 episode 8 recap & review: The End of the Beginning 1

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