Trying season 3 episode 7 recap & review: What a Banker

The penultimate episode of Trying season 3 focuses on Jason and Nikki facing their recent problems of communication head-on while Nikki also deals with the subject of firing Jen. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Karen wants to surprise Scott by showing up to his book launch along with her parents and Nikki and Jason. When they arrive, Karen is confused as to why Scoot looks like such a parody.

She pulls him aside and he tells her that he’s doing it for the sake of the money and he’s lost the will to try writing again after failing so many times.

Nikki is still mad at Jason for keeping the house situation a secret from her and gambling their life savings away. She tells him that they’re supposed to be a team that talks through everything together but Jason has to leave because of his new gig as a taxi driver.

Karen faces up to the publisher but when he ridicules Scott’s work and his chances of being a successful writer, Karen drags him out there and tells him to take that negative feedback as motivation or him to write a better book.

Nikki and Jason discuss a new toy that arrived for Tyler and how small it is but Tyler overhears them and thinks they’re talking about him. He begins to panic about his size and thinks they’re going to give him back for being too small.

Scott sits down to write his book with Karen watching over him like the school teacher that he is. He writes two lines of gibberish and she tells him that he needs to be direct.

She asks him to move over and sits at the computer herself, asking Scott what he wants the story to be. He gives her a concept and she comes up with a beautiful line that impresses him.

Nikki is inviting Jen over for girls’ night so that she can set the mood and finally fire her when the time is right. She tries to have a conversation with Jason but he has to leave for his work.

Nikki has a hard time building up the courage to fire Jen so she goes outside and books Jason’s cab so that she can talk with him while Jen watches the kid.

She says that she’s disappointed with the fact that he didn’t feel comfortable sharing those things with her and she didn’t think the adoption process would be so hard for them. She asks him to communicate how he really feels about the situation.

Jason says that he feels bad for not being able to contribute financially the same way that Nikki does but she replies that he does most of the parenting which she feels bad for missing out on. They finally end up on the same page.

Tyler asks Jen when he’ll become bigger and she tells him that he’ll just fall asleep and wake up bigger one day. She gives him coffee which he spills on his oversized pyjamas so she puts it in the wash without knowing what she’s doing.

Nikki asks Jason for the car so that she can fire Jen because she feels comfortable when they’re not facing each other. She finally manages to do it but gives her a pep talk about going after what she wants in life and staying determined.

Karen continues to write on Scott’s insistence and he looks on proudly before going over his files from when he was an investment banker, suggesting that he’s going back to his real job.

The next morning, Tyler puts on his pyjama which has shrunk in the wash and he gets excited because he thinks he’s bigger now. Jason goes outside to get the mail and finds out that their flat has been sold. He then receives a letter from the council stating that the decision on their adoption will be made next week.


  • One of the key aspects of Trying is the depiction of healthy relationships and how they grow through hardships and that is evident in this episode. Nikki and Jason are going through a rough time but they manage to talk it out and keep enough faith in themselves that it will work out.
  • Watching Tyler worry about his size and hilariously change the height markings on the door frame is a treat. It is an adorable side plot that captures the innocence of a child’s mind.
  • Nikki also manages to talk some sense into Jen while Scott realizes that Karen has talent as a writer in an episode that shows growth in two of the sillier characters of the series.
Trying season 3 episode 7
Trying season 3 episode 7 recap & review: What a Banker 1

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