Trying season 3 episodes 1 and 2 recaps & review

Season 3 of ‘Trying’ adds yet another child into Jason and Nikki’s lives as they aim to prove that they are ready for the responsibility. The episodes are streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 1 recap: Home

Nikki wakes up and realises that there’s no proper food in the house so she rings up her mum and asks if she can make something for them. Her mum gladly obliges and the next minute, Nikki’s parents are there at the front door handing them a lot of prepared food.

Jason wakes up to find Nikki DIY child-proofing the house. He tells her that it won’t be necessary because Tyler will not be staying with them even if Nikki wants him to.

The council informs Jason that someone named Noah will drop by around lunchtime to take Tyler but Nikki is still not ready to give him up so easily.

Victor shows up that morning with a handmade bed because he knew they would need extras now that there is another child in the house. Jason is thankful for the gift but tells him the same thing about it not being in their hands whether Tyler stays.

Victor is not having it and wants to do something about it so he begins to round up all of Jason and Nikki’s family and friends. He meets Karen and Scott, drops by Nikki’s parents’ house, stops his wife from going on a fun run, and finally invites Freddy to join.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Jason just want to make sure that they enjoy their time with Tyler to the fullest before he is taken away. They decide to take the children to the zoo and have a jolly good time over there.

Jason gets to impart his wisdom to Tyler while Nikki has some one-on-one time with Princess. Soon after they reach home, their family and friends arrive who claim that they will support them in front of the council.

Noah reaches and tells everyone that things don’t work that way but after seeing how many people care for him and how disappointed Tyler is to leave, he lets him stay. He tells Jason and Nikki that in 12 weeks they will have to prove in front of a judge that they’re ready for a second child.

Jason tells Nikki that he’s going to quit his job and stay at home to take care of the children because she actually loves her job while he doesn’t. The two of them are excited about the road ahead.

Episode 2 recap: The Circle

Nikki has multiple alarms set so that they can be up on time and get the kids ready for the first day of school. Tyler has a show and tell and he wants to take a rock that he believes has magical powers.

Jason and Nikki are sceptical about the idea because Jason is certain that Tyler will be bullied for doing something like that. He suggests taking a storybook instead and he places the rock in one of their drawers.

He also draws a circle on Tyler’s hand with a couple of dots to signify him and his family. He tells Tyler that no matter what happens in the outside world, he can look forward to the safe space inside the circle with the people he loves.

As they’re leaving, they see a ‘For Sale’ sign at the gate and assume that their neighbours are leaving but as soon as Nikki leaves, Jason realises that it’s actually their own flat that is being sold.

Nikki is enjoying her time in management and Terry decides to check up on how she’s doing before asking her to fire someone from the sales department because it’s bloated and underperforming.

Freddy is struggling to find things to do ever since he split with Erica and he tries to call Jason but his call is ignored. Jason meets the person who helped him with the flat and asks him to do something about it because they can’t afford to move.

He then explores options about how to raise funds to buy the place themselves. He invites his dad over to check for asbestos but when he brings up the idea of buying the place, Victor says that they have already put down a deposit on a retirement villa in Spain.

Nikki goes to Jen and tries to figure out who’s the ideal person to fire from the sales team. She then enlists Jen’s help to improve the performance so that she doesn’t have to fire anyone.

Jason visits Scott and asks him for help doubling their savings as soon as possible so that they can buy the flat and he insists that this money cannot be lost under any circumstances. Scott is more than happy to help.

Nikki manages to improve the sales team’s performance but then notices something disconcerting. She then opens her lunchbox to find that she exchanged boxes with Tyler. Tyler is left with a disappointing-looking salad for his lunch.

Nikki tells Terry that the performance improved because Jen wasn’t on any of the calls and reluctantly tells him that Jen should be fired. Jason gets back home and realises that Tyler took the rock for show and tell.

He calls up Freddy and rushes to school just as it’s Tyler’s turn and with a little make-believe, turns Tyler into the star of the class. That night, Jason tells Nikki that it is actually their flat that is being sold and they would find a way to buy it.

When she pushes him about how they would manage that, he panics and tells her that his dad is lending them the money and that it would take some time but she shouldn’t ask him about it.


  • The first two episodes of ‘Trying’ are so emotionally pleasing as Jason and Nikki show that they’re ready for a second child just by being lovely people. The bonds between them and their family shine through in these episodes.
  • Jason comforting Tyler when he’s nervous about the first day of school is an absolutely heartwarming moment that could be applied to real-world situations. It was well written and certainly came from an experienced mind.
  • Rafe Spall and Esther Smith put in wonderful performances as nervous parents who just want to make sure that they’re doing the best they can so that their children are doing well.

Rating: 3.5/5

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