Trying season 3 episode 6 recap & review: Feelings Are the Worst

Episode 6 of Trying season 3 follows Nikki and Jason as they deal with the arrival of Bev, Princess and Tyler’s grandmother, into their lives as she casts doubt on their ability to raise children. The episode is streaming on Apple TV+.


Nikki tells Jason about Bev and how she must be a relative of the children. She’s paranoid about her presence and admits she overshared a little about what was happening in their lives when they were sitting together.

Noah informs them that she is the children’s grandmother and that as long as she didn’t directly contact the children, it’s fine. Bev has no chance of getting custody of them but she probably wants to keep an eye on Nikki and Jason.

Karen and Scott are looking up the publisher that has picked up Scott’s blog and while Karen is sceptical, Scott says that this could lead to something good and that he has already handed in his notice.

Karen and Nikki spend some time together as Karen complains about she’s being treated differently. They’re in the same shop where Nikki belittled the security guard, but when she runs out with some items after she thought she saw Bev, she runs into trouble instead.

Nikki tells Karen that she is fed up with all the complaining that Karen is doing. She’s the lucky one because she’s pregnant and gets to have a child without jumping through hoops like Nikki has to.

Karen puts up an act and gets Nikki out of trouble after the guard brings up the threat of an arrest, and while she claims she was acting, Nikki knows that there was some truth to her words.

Tyler is dejected because his lamp (Adam) is completely broken and Jason tries to give him some comforting words regarding letting things go and holding onto people more.

Jason contacts Scott about his savings that he wanted to double while Scott was at the publisher about his blog. The editor calls his blog a ‘satirical spoof’, describing it as such a ridiculous character but Scott says that it’s all real and he is very much that person.

He says that he doesn’t want to disrespect his work by selling it as comedy even though it isn’t.

Nikki and Jason go in for a meeting with Noah where Bev is also present. Bev brings up the fact that Tyler got hurt at the pub and that Nikki was having trouble connecting to Princess, but she doesn’t include the whole context.

Nikki is certain that Bev is putting up an act and is working against them but Jason doesn’t think so. He gets a chance to speak to Scott and when Scott tells him that he’s actually lost some money in the stock market, Jason asks him to return what is left.

He gets off the phone and sees Bev sitting at the bus stop across the road. He sits down beside her and has a chat with her. She talks about how they seem like perfect people who have no problems but he admits that they do have their issues.

Jason told Scott on the phone that having a child is very expensive so you need to be careful with money. This makes Scott reconsider his opportunity and goes back to the publisher to accept the job.

Jason returns home and finds Adam still in the trash so he calls his father to see if he can fix it. His dad tries his best but to no avail so the entire family buries Adam and says goodbye.

Nikki gets a call from Noah informing her that Bev has made a complaint against them, stating that they’re unfit to raise her grandchildren. Jason had told her the truth about losing the money and possibly losing the flat and how he didn’t tell Nikki about it.

Jason applies for a job as a driver later that night and at that moment, he gets a notification saying that an offer has been accepted on their house and that they have two months to vacate the premises.


  • Major developments take place in this episode of “Trying’ with Jason’s secret about the house finally coming out in the open in the worst possible way. When Nikki confronts him about it, it feels like such a devastating scene.
  • The fact that the publishers thought that Scott’s blog was a parody is a very meta-analysis of how the character actually appears to the audience. Scott’s realisation that he needs to think about his future is another step in his journey of growth.
  • Karen and Scott are such an odd couple to see together and it’s a great depiction of how two opposing personalities work together. Karen’s cold nature is at odds with her pregnancy and we get to see some of her worries leak out in this episode.
  • Bev’s arrival and behaviour highlight one of the issues people going for adoption will have to face. Dealing with former family members can be a tough situation and sometimes it may not work in your favour.
Trying season 3 episode 6
Trying season 3 episode 6 recap & review: Feelings Are the Worst 1

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