Trying season 3 episode 3 recap & review: Capture the Flag

In episode 3 of Trying season 3, Jason and Nikki attend an activity day in the country for new families while Karen and Freddy deal with what they’re missing in life. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Jason and Nikki are in the countryside for an activity day to help bond with their children along with other adoptive families. Jason has been spending a lot more time with Princess and Tyler and Nikki is jealous of how they get along.

She feels insecure about it and asks Jason how he’s able to bond with them so effortlessly. He tells her that he just doesn’t worry about things as much as she does and approaches life with more ease.

She tries to imitate his style but to no avail. Nikki also makes friends with another family but struggles to hold in her competitive nature and wants to “win” at everything, even simply putting up tents.

Freddy sees an ad calling people who are suffering from loneliness but once he gets there, he realizes that it’s an alcoholics support group. He’s about to leave when someone notices him and he’s too embarrassed to leave after that.

He starts talking about his life and tells the truth right off the bat, that he’s not an alcoholic but he is a bad person who’s done stupid things.

Karen is coaching a kids’ football match in the rain from inside her car and she talks to Amy about how she’s lost her passion for teaching and she’s not sure what to do with her life anymore.

Nikki asks Princess if she wants to go kayaking, just the two of them. Princess is not too enthusiastic about it but agrees nonetheless. Jason goes for a walk on the woodland trail with Tyler and talks to him about random things.

That’s when Jason realises that he doesn’t know what to do when the kids are trying to connect with him emotionally. He asks Nikki for advice and she tells him to see things from their perspective and help them open up.

The camp organizes a capture the flag competition and Nikki finally lets out her competitive spirit as they go around capturing other team flags. But when Tyler loses his emotional support lamp, ‘Adam’, they stop and look for it because they leave no one behind.

At the end of the day, Nikki and Jason learn that they’re perfect for each other and together they’ll be able to tend to the needs of the children no matter what it is as long as they support each other.

Freddy drones on and on at the meeting and while he doesn’t endear himself to any of the people there, he manages to get a lot off his chest and that seems to change his mindset.

Karen complains to Scott that she hates her job and everything about it. She’s sure that kids are unbearable and the main reason she has lost her passion.

A little while later she falls sick and blames it on some old food that Amy had given her but Amy says she ate the same thing and didn’t fall sick. So Karen goes to the next plausible explanation. She takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is actually pregnant.


  • Each episode of ‘Trying’ gives the audience a different aspect of parenting and the message is highly relatable and easy to understand.
  • The revelation that Karen is pregnant is an interesting turn of events because it might lead to some growth in character for both Scott and Karen. The two of them don’t exactly come across as parents so this will be a fun subplot.
  • Freddy’s character is despicable at the moment but you could also empathise with him a little because of the way he’s portrayed. There is sure to be some sort of redemption story for him that will win the audience over.

Rating: 3/5

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