Trolley season 1 episode 8 recap & review: The Right Thing To Do

‘Trolley’ episode 8 sees Hye-Joo confronting her husband about his increasing efforts towards passing an amendment that stands to help victims of sexual assault.


Ki-Young and Hye-Joo meet and while the former admits he now sees it clearly that Hye-Joo isn’t lying about her molestation at the hands of Seung-Ho, he still requests her to apologize to Yoo-Sin, to deliver them an ounce of reprieve from the grief of loss.

Meanwhile, Joong-Do tries to come up with a plan to counter Yoo-Sin’s family and states that the internet can be a useful tool for the fight ahead.

At home, Soo-Bin and Hye-Joo’s dynamic improves and the two come close. It’s later revealed that Soo-Bin has had a miscarriage, a secret she doesn’t reveal to Hye-Joo and in a flashback that Yeo-Jin has, it’s hinted that she also knows about it and Soo-Bin has told her to keep it a secret as well.

Yeo-Jin also meets Woo-Jae and has a drink together. She thinks back on the days long ago, when she approached him about her family’s death and how he, as a reporter, helped with getting her story out, even if her case didn’t end up in her favor ultimately.

Yeo-Jin is visibly uneasy and wants to talk to Woo-Jae about someone, who seems to be Joong-Do, but she’s cut short by Woo-Jae, who expresses how indebted he’s to the Assemblyman and how he’ll do anything for him. Following that, Yeo-Jin doesn’t add to whatever she was about to say.

Ki-Young asks Seung-Hee to stop going after Hye-Joo until the real estate matter has been put to rest, and she agrees. Soo-Bin goes to the hospital after her abdominal pain due to the miscarriage kicks in.

Later, she overhears Hye-Joo’s sad retelling of her traumatic past as she’s sharing it with Yeo-Jin. While Hye-Joo opines she should apologize, Yeo-Jin stops her from thinking that way, especially with Joong-Do’s career being prone to further complications.

Later, Hye-Joo finds out that Joong-Do’s appeared on the news again, talking about the online release and distribution of Gwi-Soon’s granddaughter’s sex tape.

She confronts him when he gets back, asking him to stop doing any more media appearances and risking any other deaths at Seung-Kyu’s household.

However, Joong-Do refuses to back down, telling her that he’s eyeing an amendment that would allow for the alleged to still be tried in court even after their death.

And these online eruptions of hateful sentiments against the Seung-Kyu’s parents, collateral as they might be, will help him in his efforts.

The next day, Soo-Bin leaves the house and Hye-Joo makes a harrowing discovery when she finds Ji-Hoon’s red phone inside a drawer in Joong-Do’s home office — the same phone he told her wasn’t recovered.

In it, she sees text messages sent to Soo-Bin, and one of them is Ji-Hoon saying he’s going to end his life. Meanwhile, Joong-Do is shown to be telling Woo-Jae that Soo-Bin is the reason Ji-Hoon died, before ‘Trolley’ episode 8 rolls the credits.


  • ‘Trolley’ season 1 episode 8 sees a couple of shockers and some juicy bits that seem to hint more and more that Joong-Do is really now who he appears to be.
  • His business card that Soo-Bin has, and one that she had drawn a heart on at some point; his secret that Yeo-Jin seems to be keeping with herself; the contact “J.D.” that calls Soo-Bin (and her having a tattoo of the same initials too); all seem highly suspicious and potentially incriminating Joong-Do.
  • However, all of these could be red herrings as well, designed to put there to distract viewers from the real culprit behind Soo-Bin and Ji-Hoon’s misery, and the latter’s eventual demise.
  • ‘Trolley’ episode 8 has another mention of the titular ethical dilemma, hinting strongly at a situation like the very same dilemma presenting itself to Hye-Joo at some point in the future.
Trolley season 1 episode 8
Trolley season 1 episode 8 recap & review: The Right Thing To Do 1

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