Trolley season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Promise

In ‘Trolley’ episode 7, Joong-Do learns the truth about Hye-Joo’s past and rushes off to prevent her from kneeling down to her oppressors.


Seung-Hee awaits Hye-Joo while Joong-Do receives a call from Woo-Jae as he’s about to accompany Ji-Hoon’s maternal grandparents to their home, learning the truth about Hye-Joo’s troubled past.

Moments after Woo-Jae’s call, he gets another call from Ki-Young, who informs him about Hye-Joo going to his in-laws for her coerced apology.

While Seung-Hee stabs Hye-Joo with her verbal cruelties, Joong-Do arrives and confronts Seung-Hee about the situation.

She persists and argues that Hye-Joo must apologize for framing and killing her brother. Hye-Joo finally stands up to her and clarifies that she never meant to apologize for framing her brother, as she never did that.

She only wants to apologize to Yoo-Sin and the family for inadvertently causing them the pain of a loved one’s passing. Joong-Do backs her up and leaves Seung-Hee’s home with his wife.

A little while later, Woo-Jae shows up at Yoo-Sin’s door and meets Ki-Young; in a brief meeting, he tries to make him understand that in this enmity between the two families, it’s Joong-Do who has the upper hand, thanks to Yoo-Sin’s dodgy estate issues and her late son’s reputation potentially getting sullied.

While Joong-Do reassures Hye-Joo that she needs not apologize and that he’ll resolve this matter on his own, Ms. Gwi-Soon’s letter reaches Hye-Joo and she rushes off to her place.

She and Joong-Do call the authorities to break into the mill lady’s house and find that she’s unconscious after trying to commit suicide, following the news of her granddaughter’s sex tape being released.

Soo-Bin receives a call from someone named J.D. Ki-Young thinks back on how Seung-Hee left him three years ago to pursue further education abroad.

Meanwhile, Joong-Do informs his team that he would be working toward an amendment that entails the victim of sexual assault being able to pursue justice against their assailants even after their death.

Before ‘Trolley’ episode 7 rolls the credits, Joong-Do prepares to reveal his wife’s past to his team.


  • ‘The Promise’ delivers a bit of catharsis in Hye-Joo finally standing up for herself against Seung-Hee and her relentlessly cruel person, even exacting a firm and long-deserved slap on her face.
  • The rest of the episode is rather bland, with some moments inspiring thrill like Joong-Do’s announcement of his fight for the impossible amendment and Woo-Jae’s passive-aggressive yet quite tacit threat to Ki-Young.
  • Soo-Bin’s mysteries continue to linger with nothing but little hints being all that’s sprinkled sparsely.
Trolley season 1 episode 7
Trolley season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Promise 1

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