Trolley season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Pain

‘Trolley’ season 1 episode 6 sees Seung-Hee continuing to harass Hye-Joo with her leverage while Joong-Do picks up on the visibly off dynamic between his wife and these two new faces.


Joong-Do is surprised to see Hye-Joo arrive at the dinner he’s having with Ki-Young, where Seung-Hee has arrived as well. At the dinner, the four share an awkward and uncomfortable space.

Joong-Do picks up on Hye-Joo’s visible discomfort and later asks Ki-Young in private if he had more of a dynamic with his wife during the school days, which Ki-Young denies. Seung-Hee takes Hye-Joo to the washroom and pressures her to come to apologize to her mother the next day.

She also continues to distrust her and shame her into marrying so quickly after her brother’s death, which she uses to back up her distrust of her (spewing horrible takes like Hye-Joo would’ve waited longer to marry someone had she actually been sexually assaulted by Seung-Ho).

Hye-Joo later decides to go and apologize to Lee Yoo-Sin, trying to justify it for herself as a necessity, for her husband and his career.

While she takes off to Youngsan, Joong-Do visits his first wife’s grave and later the late woman’s father asks the Assemblyman to sever their ties and only reserve his visits to emergency occasions (since he’s been helping them ever since her passing 20 years ago).

Previously, Joong-Do asks Jang Woo-Jae to investigate Seung-Hee, Ki-Young, and Hye-Joo’s past. Woo-Jae ends up visiting the director of the school Hye-Joo graduated from and pretends to be her soon-to-be husband to learn about her past.

Meanwhile, the “mill lady” Gwi-Soon learns that Seung-Kyu had uploaded the revenge p*rn video online before his death and calls Hye-Joo in panic, who assures her that she’ll talk to Joong-Do about it, and later ends up asking Woo-Jae about it.

Hye-Joo awaits Lee Yoo-Sin’s arrival while getting berated by Seung-Hee, a loud noise distracts the two as they see Joong-Do frantically and angrily calling them to open the door (presumably having learned the truth about his wife).


  • ‘Trolley’ season 1 episode 6 continues Seung-Hee’s incredibly obnoxious and evil era before her eventual (and hopeful) turnaround.
  • For the time being, things only seem to be changing for the worse for Hye-Joo as Seung-Hee is hell-bent on dismissing her once best friend’s trauma and account of said trauma.
  • Gwi-Soon’s absence on Hye-Joo’s callback seems worrisome as the old lady might just take her hands off the last straws, with the horrific news of the disgusting video making rounds online reaching her.
  • Hye-Joo’s sacrificial attitude to Seung-Hee’s cruel and persistent harassment and threats feels suffocating, and Joong-Do’s discovery of her past may be the only thing that helps Hye-Joo contend with these new waters, and what makes the couple lend each other support for the storm ahead.
Trolley season 1 episode 6
Trolley season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Pain 1

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