Trolley season 1 episode 15 recap & review: The Truth

Trolley episode 15 sees Hye-Joo learning the horrible truth about her husband while the greatest ethical dilemma towers over her.


Hye-Joo makes the TV appearance and has to admit, against her will, the untrue culpability of her son. After the interview, she starts taking off her ring, informing Joong-Do that their divorce will be settled soon.

But he asks her to not take off the ring, as a divorce would impede the passing of the bill. Moments later, she learns that Yeo-Jin is at the hospital after having committed suicide. She rushes off to check up on her and sends Joong-Do away when he arrives there too.

Eventually, Yeo-Jin gains consciousness and when Hye-Joo begins expressing her disappointment again, she comes out clean and reveals the truth to her. She tells her that what Ji-Hoon heard that day was a misunderstanding and that in reality she was raped by Joong-Do.

The Assemblyman had later apologized to her and asked her to not tell Hye-Joo about it, reasoning that she’d be shocked. Yeo-Jin would make a huge sacrifice that weighs and gnaws at her for the rest of the years.

Hye-Joo realizes that she’s telling the truth and grieves with her. She then asks her to accompany her to the police station but she decides to not pursue anything, since she thinks that Joong-Do has been doing something for the greater good and that she’ll learn to live with it.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hee overhears this and warns Hye-Joo to admit her culpability in her brother’s death or she’ll go public with this information. Hye-Joo confronts Joong-Do about the truth and the audacious man apologizes again, bringing up the bill which makes Hye-Joo flip out.

She then goes to Chairwoman Woo and tells her the truth, but the politician advises her to keep quiet for the greater truth, although admittedly she doesn’t wish to help Joong-Do in any way or manner.

Soo-Bin overhears Joong-Do when he goes to Yeo-Jin and begs for her to keep quiet. However, Woo-Jae deletes the video she records and gives her the last warning. She then asks Hye-Joo why she’s not going public with Yeo-Jin’s plight and her husband’s crime, to which Hye-Joo argues that they’re doing it for the greater good.

However, at the end of Trolley episode 15, Hye-Joo reveals the truth about her son and her husband to the media at a conference.


  • Hye-Joo finally tussles with the trolley dilemma, but the amount that’s spent on her tussling with it is not nearly enough.
  • However, the finality of events has started and the show has finally addressed the ethical dilemma head-on. Meanwhile, Seung-Hee’s arc remains stagnant and the amount of time for her realization and the regret and repentance thereafter is relegated to the final episode, which doesn’t seem enough for proper catharsis.
  • The final stage is set and it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of the bill and if the public can put aside the revelations in order for the greater good or not.
Trolley season 1 episode 15
Trolley season 1 episode 15 recap & review: The Truth 1

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