Trolley season 1 episode 14 recap & review: Denial

Trolley season 1 episode 14 sees Hye-Joo learning a terrible secret about her husband and Yeo-Jin before she moves forward with a big decision.


Soo-Bin unloads the laundry basket of shockers onto Hye-Joo, revealing that she and Ji-Hoon had witnessed Yeo-Jin and Joong-Do arguing earlier on the same day Ji-Hoon would die.

She tells her that Ji-Hoon had gone to confront Joong-Do regarding his long-running affair with Yeo-Jin, something it’s revealed, was witnessed by Ji-Hoon when he was in middle school.

She then posits that Ji-Hoon might’ve been killed by Joong-Do since he was the one who met him before his death. Hye-Joo confronts Joong-Do and Yeo-Jin at home and the latter confesses that they do have an affair, while Joong-Do tries to prevent her from saying and denying Hye-Joo’s “accusations.”

He then talks about it with Woo-Jae, also asking if he’s the one who killed Ji-Hoon since it was actually he who’d met him during his last moments. Woo-Jae then reveals that he did meet him, and after spotting him dealing drugs, he warned him to get rid of them and think about his mother.

Ji-Hoon got rid of the drugs but later went into the river to retrieve them, and never returned, and Woo-Jae thought that he’d gone somewhere else, only to later realize that he died then and there due to drowning. To prove his claims, Woo-Jae also provides the assemblyman with the dashcam footage that corroborates them.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hee meets Hye-Joo and accuses her of having an affair with Ki-Young, not listening to whatever she has to say or believing her even for once. Earlier in Trolley episode 14, she gives an interview to a reporter and also sets it up for her mother as well.

Hye-Joo gives Yeo-Jin two days to pack it up and leave her house. When Joong-Do asks her to make her TV appearance, since it’s unrelated to whatever strife they’ve got going on, she refuses to do so, shaming him for even asking her that.

However, when Yoon-Seo calls her, lashing out at her for all the bullying she’s facing because of the news about her, Hye-Joo decides to make the TV appearance. Trolley episode 14 ends with her sitting beside Joong-Do on live TV, talking about her molestation all those years ago.

Before the credits begin rolling, though, a shocking twist is revealed — Yeo-Jin was raped by Joong-Do that day when Ji-Hoon mistook the two of having consensual sex. It’s also revealed that Woo-Jae knew about this.


  • The revelation at the end of Trolley episode 14 is shocking but at the same time, a bit grating on the nerves. While it was somewhat hinted throughout the show and doesn’t appear out of the left field, it still detracts from the heavier and central subject matters of the show that do need to be tackled prominently.
  • What ends up happening, and what has been happening ever since the beginning, however, is a one-sided game of holding back information from the viewers, and later revealing only part of it.
  • Meanwhile, the ethical dilemma that the show is based on has only been taken on by Joong-Do in the story thus far, and Hye-Joo’s only just contended with the dilemma for the first time.
Trolley season 1 episode 14
Trolley season 1 episode 14 recap & review: Denial 1

Director: Kim Moon-kyo

Date Created: 2023-02-10 20:00

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