Tokyo Vice season 1 episode 6 and 7 recaps & review

In episodes 6 and 7 of Tokyo Vice, Jake gets too impatient and derails his relationship with Katagiri while Sato and Samantha hit choppy waters in their relationship.

Episode 6 recap: The Information Business

Jake tries to apologise to Samantha for being rude the last time they met but gets it wrong. Sato does a little digging into Tozawa’s business to prepare for retaliation to the attack they repelled.

Jake finds out the name of a writer who has written profiles on Tozawa and tracks him down. He learns a little bit more about him including his mistresses and how one of them disappeared after she spoke to the press.

He tries to have a conversation with Tozawa’s current beau while Tozawa attends a meeting of all the heads of the Yakuza and their seconds. The other members are angered by his brazen push into their territory and want to resolve the issue.

Jake gets a few words in with Tozawa’s beau but she’s not very forthcoming with information. At the meeting, Tozawa offers compensation in the form of money but is also forced to get down on his knees and apologize for his transgressions.

Ishida and Sato discuss what to do about the information they dug up about Tozawa’s latest drug shipment. They decide to leak it to Jake, who immediately takes it to Katagiri. Katagiri tells him to wait for the right moment so that they can do things properly but Jake is not convinced.

After meeting Emi for some advice, he goes to Miyamoto with the information. Miyamoto lets him come along as they raid the plane but they do not find any drugs there and Miyamoto and Katagiri both let their displeasure known to Jake.

Samantha tells Sato about the man who was hired to find her. She had agreed to his conditions but does not want to go through with it. Sato visits the man and ends up killing him after he doesn’t listen to reason.

Jake goes to Onyx and hits back at Sato for providing false information and he has to be dragged out of the club after getting violent.

Miyamoto is shown talking to Tozawa, confirming that he’s been bought and he’s the reason they didn’t find any drugs on that plan even though they were there. He gives Tozawa the name of Jake Adelstein, the reporter who brought the tip to his attention.

Episode 7 recap: Sometimes They Disappear

Pollina has all of her luggage with her as she gets onto a limo with no explanation as to where they’re going. Sato and Ishida are cracking down on a new club owner after which they discuss whether Tozawa has reacted to the failed raid at the airport.

Jake tries to reach out to Katagiri but to no avail. Katagiri goes to his captain and tells him there is more to the drug raid than meets the eye and asks for his help in a special matter.

The vice department hold a press conference to announce that Miyamoto had captured the man responsible for the murder of a young woman but do not release any more information. Then the head of Vice calls in Miyamoto and two others and tells them that Katagiri is close to building a case and arresting Tozawa.

Samantha’s club construction is in full swing but she’s unable to lure Luna and is distracted because Pollina hasn’t been heard from.

Emi meets with Miyamoto to get more information about the murder case that was closed and then calls Jake and asks him to follow up on some leads for confirmation. Jake heads out and bumps into an old school buddy who is in Japan as a tourist. They promise to catch up later.

Miyamoto goes to Katagiri and asks him about the evidence he has against Tozawa. Katagiri says that it is all looked up in the basement until they can move in on the target.

Sato gets a call from his brother and he’s seen again in the hospital visiting his father who is sick. His mother sees him and berates him for his choices and kicks him out.

Tozawa is having a big celebration for his birthday while his beau is out at a club partying. Miyamoto arrives at the celebration to tell him about Katagiri’s evidence and Tozawa tells him to get copies of it all as a final favour.

Jake takes his friend to a club that happens to be the same one that Tozawa’s beau is partying at. He manages to get close to her and she later agrees to have a conversation with him.

At the party, Tozawa begins to feel weak because of his undisclosed sickness and when the Vice minister’s aide gives him bad news, he collapses while calling out for his beau. While she’s talking to Jake some bodyguards show up and take her away.

Sato and Samantha go to find out more about Pollina’s whereabouts and they find out that she was in debt and was taken away to fulfil that debt. The two of them then have an argument and Sato leaves and tells her that he can’t be of more help.

Miyamoto breaks into the basement storage room looking for the evidence but doesn’t find anything. He does encounter a security camera with Katagiri watching on the other end, catching him red-handed.

Jake gets home to find Samantha waiting at his doorstep. She’s reaching out to him as a last resort to finding her best friend who’s gotten into some trouble.


  • Sato’s character got a lot of exposure during these episodes to build on the existing information. His promotion in the Yakuza, the first look at his family, and the brief relationship he has with Samantha, all make him a well-rounded character.
  • The locations that are on display are a credit to the city of Tokyo as well as the cinematography. Each club or outdoor shot looks magnificent.
  • Subplots are being explored and other perspectives are being shown more frequently which adds to the excitement of the series. It will be interesting how all these threads converge towards the end.

Rating: 3.5/5

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