Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Family Bonds

The fourth episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers focuses on the relationship between the Shiba siblings and Hakkai’s resolve to sever that relationship. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Hakkai remembers the first time he met Mitsuya. Hakkai was beating up a boy, and Mitsuya intervened. He told Hakkai to use his strength to protect others.

In the present, Mitsuya, Takemichi, and Chifuyu accompany Hakkai to talk to Taiju, despite his protests, because Mitsuya believes Hakkai always tries to handle things on his own.

Mitsuya makes a deal with Taiju — he will let Hakkai join Black Dragon if Taiju releases Yuzuha. Hakkai has been protecting Yuzuha from Taiju’s abuse.

When Mitsuya tells Taiju that Hakkai is leaving Toman to save his sister and not because he is scared of Taiju, an enraged Taiju punches Mitsuya, but he easily blocks it.

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Taiju accepts Mitsuya’s terms because Mitsuya makes it clear that there will be a war between the two gangs if he does not. With the deal, they call a truce.

Mitsuya reminds Hakkai once again to use his strength to protect others. When Hakkai first met him, Mitsuya used to look after his siblings instead of playing like other children because his mother was always working late.

Takemichi discusses with Chifuyu that he knows now that Hakkai killed Taiju in the future to protect Yuzuha, and now that Mitsuya has made a deal to free Yuzuha, Hakkai would not need to do it.

Chifuyu has doubts because it is just Takemichi’s assumption that Hakkai killed Taiju to protect Yuzuha. Furthermore, Takemichi has not done anything as of now to change future events, and if he goes back now, he will be arrested, which means he cannot return to the past again.

Hakkai comes to meet them and tells them to thank Mitsuya, as he might not see him again. He tells them that his family has always been a mess; they did not have a mother, and their father was almost never home, leaving Taiju in charge.

Taiju has always been stronger than people his age, and he has the ability to get others to like him. He uses violence with skill, always beating his victims to a pulp, even his siblings. He would hit them and tell them he does it because he loves them.

Hakkai learned at a young age that love was painful. His life changed when he met Mitsuya, who used to care for his younger siblings. He did it with a smile, even though his life looked difficult. He fed Hakkai, which brought tears to his eyes.

Hakkai decided to protect his family. He started taking Taiju’s beatings for Yuzuha also, but Taiju eventually broke his promise and hit Yuzuha again. Hakkai knows that he will also break the promise he made to Mitsuya.

Hakkai admits that he is extremely scared of Taiju and wishes he did not exist. He left Toman because he has made up his mind to kill his brother, and he did not want to ruin Toman’s reputation.

He tells Takemichi and Chifuyu not to associate with him because he is ready to get arrested. Takemichi expresses to Chifuyu that he is going to crush Black Dragon at any cost to change the future.

Mitsuya meets Yuzuha, who tells him that Taiju lends his goons to rich people in exchange for money, and he sends her to collect that money, but she has been released from that duty now. However, she refuses to hope that Hakkai will be strong enough to face Taiju.

Mitsuya believes Yuzuha is hiding something, as it was almost too easy to make a deal with Taiju. Mikey rides with Mitsuya and tells him that they have lost half of their founding members. He is no longer sure where they are going and asks Mitsuya not to leave them.

Takemichi and Chifuyu want to fight Black Dragon to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju, but the rest of the Toman leaders do not support him, as it would violate the truce Mitsuya has arranged.

However, when everyone leaves, Kisaki and Hanma offer their support. Kisaki tells an angry Chifuyu that the two of them alone cannot defeat Black Dragon. He thinks Mikey is weak right now, so Kisaki wants to crush Black Dragon because they are strong.

Kisaki and Hanma take Takemichi and Chifuyu to meet their informant, who is going to tell them everything about Taiju’s movements. Before the informant could tell them anything, Koko, a Black Dragon member, catches them.

After promising to torture the informant, Koko offers to tell them whatever they need to know for 100,000 yen. When Kisaki gives him the money, Koko tells them that Taiju always has five men with him, except when he goes to the church alone on Christmas.

Kisaki tells Takemichi that he does not intend to attack Taiju. He just wanted to know when will Hakkai get the opportunity to kill his brother. Now that they know, Takemichi can stop him.

Kisaki claims that he is doing this to help his teammates. He promises to stop Hakkai with Takemichi and destroy Taiju in their secret battle on Christmas night. Takemichi wonders what are his true plans.


  • This episode depicts why Hakkai respects Mitsuya more than anyone. Mitsuya was the first person to show him love, kindness, and the difference between right and wrong. His calm demeanor enables him to stand up to Taiju without fear, earning him people’s respect.
  • In contrast, Taiju is not truly respected by his gang; they fear him. Koko betrays him without thinking twice, as Taiju values money more than anything, and that is what his gang has learned from him. His own brother wants him dead.
  • In the future, it was said that Hakkai killed his brother for money, but currently, it is desperation, not personal gain, that is driving Hakkai to kill Taiju. However, knowing the show, it would not be impossible if Hakkai changes due to an unexpected twist.
  • The show knows exactly how to build anticipation via characters. Kisaki selflessly helping Takemichi makes the viewers even more curious to know what happens between them that changes him entirely.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 4
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Family Bonds 1

Director: Moe Kato, Rei Nakahara

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