Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Stand Alone

In the third episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers, Hakkai manages to save Takemichi, but not without making an offer that could have dire consequences. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


A frightened Hakkai pleads with Taiju to spare Takemichi, as he was not aware that this was Black Dragon’s turf, but to no avail. Taiju orders him to kill Takemichi as his elder brother, stating that his family should come before Toman’s membership.

When Yuzuha tries to intervene, Taiju hits her without a second thought. He believes she is also at fault for not raising Hakkai right. An injured Takemichi stands up to Taiju and berates him for hitting a woman.

Taiju remarks that he will take care of Hakkai’s problem for him and proceeds to beat Takemichi to a pulp. Hinata tries to stop him, but Takemichi pushes her aside before Taiju could hit her as well.

Finally, Hakkai pleads again. His brother asks him to give him something in return for his mercy. Left with no choice, Hakkai offers to quit Toman and join his brother’s gang to assist him.

Takemichi apologizes to Hakkai, who had to leave Toman for his sake, but Hakkai assures him that there is something he needs to do in Black Dragon. Takemichi thinks back to the future and realizes that Hakkai killed his own brother to become Black Dragon’s leader. 

Furthermore, it does not matter whether Hakkai is the leader or Taiju because Black Dragon is going to be just as dangerous. He thinks he must stop this all by himself.

Takemichi finds his friends, who are now Toman members, and Chifuyu in his room; they have come to check up on him. Takemichi gets emotional when he sees Chifuyu alive.

His friends discuss the possibility of war between the two gangs as Black Dragon broke the peace by beating up a Toman captain. Chifuyu tells them that this Black Dragon is nothing like the one that was defeated by Toman in the past.

Kazutora used to live on their turf and got into trouble with them. To save him, his friends formed Toman. Back then, Toman wiped out Black Dragon. However, Taiju became their new leader; he revived and revamped the gang with uniforms and strict training.

Taiju now sells violence to rich people for money. The gang is more violent and vicious than ever before. Black Dragon’s murder squad sets it apart from any other gang Toman has faced. If Toman were to fight them again, there will be trouble for Toman as well.

When Takemichi declares that he will handle this issue on his own without involving Toman, Chifuyu takes him out to talk. He does not tell him not to fight on his own. Instead, he reminds him to have fun because Baji did not ask him to take care of Toman to stress him out.

Takemichi realizes that he is not alone and tells Chifuyu everything about coming to change the past, as Chifuyu gave up his life for him in the future. Chifuyu not only believes him but also tells him that he respects him for fighting on his own all this time.

Despite knowing that Kisaki is their enemy, they cannot do much about it because he controls the Third Division with around 100 men, while Chifuyu and Takemichi are comparatively new members. 

Chifuyu believes that Takemichi can build a First Division better than anyone else, and he promises to support him. Chifuyu comes up with a plan to stop Hakkai from leaving the gang in order to prevent the future that Takemichi witnessed.

The top leaders of Toman discuss that they have enough reason to go to war against Black Dragon. Some of them even accuse Hakkai of being a spy. Hakkai is ready to be punished and asks for permission to leave the gang.

However, Takemichi protests. Chifuyu’s first plan included using Mikey’s weakness, dorayaki, to sway his decision, but it fails miserably. The second plan, which included the notes Chifuyu gave Takemichi, also fails. 

Mikey leaves the final decision with Mitsuya, as it involves the Second Division. Hakkai sadly apologizes to Mitsuya, but Mitsuya tells him that he is not going to allow Hakkai to leave the gang.


  • Just when the viewers think that they know the reason behind Hakkai leaving Toman and joining his brother’s gang, the anime reveals that the reason is not that simple; it is going to be much more complicated than that.
  • While the last episode highlighted Taiju’s brute strength and the fear he invokes, this episode added another layer to his character. He knows how to manipulate people to do his bidding; he saw the chance to get his brother to join his gang and took it.
  • The theme of sharing one’s burden with their friends and partners is quite popular in animes. It could be seen in this episode as well; Takemichi decides to trust his partner and reveals the truth to Chifuyu, knowing that it might affect the future.
  • Chifuyu and Takemichi’s partnership, however disastrous, is amusing and sweet. It makes the viewers want to see more of it.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 3
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Stand Alone 1

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