Titans season 4 episode 3 recap & review: Jinx

Episode 3 of Titans revolves around Dick seeking out a magic user to help them learn more about who they’re facing while Conner and Tim investigate the evidence they found at the slaughterhouse. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Rachel wakes up after Mother Mayhem’s attack but she feels like something is missing. Two guards transporting containers filled with blood are attacked by May’s acolyte and she also reveals that she took Raven’s power away.

Dick is worried about how Raven is doing so he tells her to rest. He asks Gar to stay with her and tells Tim and Conner to head to S.T.A.R labs so that Tim can start training with his bo staff.

Sebastian is spreading his mother’s ashes when he gets a call from the video game company he pitched to. They ask him to come back in because they have reconsidered but it is actually May pretending to be the man.

Dick and Kory visit a prison to meet a magic user that Dick knows from his past. He says her name is Jinx and that she might be able to help but Jinx escapes at the first chance she gets. Dick says that he has an idea of where she might be headed.

Rachel and Gar are discussing her newfound calm after losing her powers when Gar begins hearing some voices. He walks out into the woods and Rachel follows him. He says that he’s been hearing voices and seeing weird things ever since he came to Metropolis.

Gar believes that the voices are connected to his animal side and that they’re trying to tell him something about the witch that attacked them.

Tim begins training with VR at S.T.A.R labs with Conner and Bernard’s help. Jinx tries to steal an item she attempted once before but Dick and Kory arrive there at the same time.

Jinx says that the item is dangerous and needs to be returned to its rightful owner. Kory opens the box and sees a tiny heart inside and is immediately turned to stone. Jinx says that the heart belongs to a dark elf who might be able to reverse the spell.

Sebastian meets the video game executive who tells him to leave but suddenly the man is caught in a trance and he grabs a pair of scissors and stabs himself in the eyes with it.

Conner notices something strange about the symbols they found in the slaughterhouse and does an internet-wide search of it. He also asks Bernard to check the blood samples of the people who were kidnapped.

Jinx takes Dick to a secret club where they can find the dark elf. Dick insists on meeting her himself and tells the elf to reverse the spell and he’ll return the heart. Instead, he has to fight off several other men before fighting the elf herself.

Gar sees the sky turn red and holds Rachel’s hand so that she can see it too. They follow his instinct together and find a tree filled with trophies of sacrificed animals which he saw in a vision before.

Kory finds herself in a diner where she meets Zadira, the woman who trained her. Zadira tells her that she’s closer to fulfilling her destiny and she needs to be patient and ready for it.

Bernard learns that all the people who were kidnapped had a genetic mutation tracing back to a tribe in Assyria. Conner finds that the symbol they found is the same symbol Sebastian used in his game and that Sebastian has the same mutation.

After beating the elf, Dick finds Jinx trying to steal something else and calls her out for not being trustworthy. He offers to pay the debt she owes as long as she helps them, starting with freeing Kory from her stone prison.

Conner and Tim track down Sebastian and find out that he’s been arrested for murder. Dick concludes that it’s a trap set by the witch and Conner wants to take her on but Dick preaches restraint.

Sebastian is in an interrogation room when May shows up. She tells him that she agrees with his belief that he’s going to change the world and claims that she’s there to help him do that.

She says that all he needs to do is say the three words “Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos” and his life will change forever. However, just before he completes saying the words, Conner shows up and pulls Sebastian away so that they can drive off to safety with Dick.

Gar tries to focus on the voices and when Rachel asks him what they’re saying, he says “When the blood moon is full, the world will follow you”.


  • The story is moving at a slow pace and remains cryptic, in line with the tone. May Bennett’s motivations and how everything is connected are barely touched upon and it feels like it will be a long and winding journey to get there.
  • Jinx is yet another female character in a line of them who have a history with Dick and he seems to exude chemistry with all of them. Brenton Thwaites has been great as Dick Grayson and continues to exhibit the charm of the character.
  • All the Titans are getting gradual character development with Gar exploring his animal side, Conner dealing with confidence issues, Tim learning to become Robin, Kory and her destiny and Rachel now devoid of powers. There are a lot of plots that are being covered in this ambitious season.
Titans season 4 episode 3
Titans season 4 episode 3 recap & review: Jinx 1

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