Titans season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Inside Man

In episode 5 of Titans, the team try to keep Sebastian safe until the blood moon passes as Conner feels the effects of being stabbed by Mother Mayhem’s magic. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Rachel and Sebastian get to know each other better inside the silo as the rest of the team observe every inch of S.T.A.R labs to make sure they’re not caught off guard.

Tim and Bernard are observing the security cameras while Conner is patrolling the halls. Conner is still suffering from the effects of his stab wound but he hasn’t told anyone else.

Mother Mayhem assures her followers that Sebastian will rise before the blood moon passes. The snake that Conner coughed out is fully formed and slithers through the halls. Tim and Bernard see it on the cameras and initially look for it before running away.

Dick tells everyone to split up and search for it so that Jinx can use her magic to take care of it. Conner runs into the snake and it possesses him. He goes into the silo and tells Rachel that he’s there to replace her so that she can take a break.

When Dick and Kory find Rachel, they begin to worry. Gar tells Jinx about the tree with the bones that spoke to him and she tells him that it’s a place called “The Red” and he should go along for the ride instead of overthinking it.

Conner tells Sebastian that he has found somewhere outside which is safer but then reveals that he’s been possessed. Dick and Kory show up just in time and he attacks them but is knocked out by Jinx who sneaks up behind him.

They restrain Conner while Kory and Rachel take Sebastian somewhere else. They find out that there is an Elko diner in Metropolis so they head straight to it. Kory presses some buttons on the jukebox at the diner and the place empties and they find Zadira waiting there.

May cannot sense Sebastian and she is informed that they’ve found him in a place that none of them can go to. May tries to contact Trigon for help because she has no other option.

Conner is restrained in kryptonite shackles as they try to figure out how to cure him. They find the snake in his belly and Jinx says that he needs a magical expulsion using blue ash but she doesn’t know how to get it to the snake as it’s under Conner’s impenetrable skin.

Zadira tells Kory that it is her destiny to kill Sebastian rather than try to help him because there is no stopping May from getting to her son. Kory refuses to give in and assures Sebastian that she will not kill him and orders Zadira to leave.

Gar and Bernard come up with a plan that could help Conner. Gar will turn into a virus and carry the blue ash inside Conner’s body specifically to attack the snake. He is injected into Conner’s body and does his job.

The snake slithers out of Conner and Tim strikes it down just before it attacks Bernard.

Soon after Zadira leaves, May shows up and attacks them. She threatens to kill Kory but Sebastian stops her and agrees to go with her as long as she spares them.

Conner is recovering and Gar turns back into his human form thanks to some science magic by Bernard. Bernard thanks Tim later on and Tim kisses Bernard.

Sebastian is introduced to the others by May and everyone chants his name – Brother Blood.


  • Gar finally being able to turn into other creatures is a great development for his character. He couldn’t just keep turning into the tiger constantly and it is a really creative idea to have him turn into a virus in this episode.
  • Conner is another character who is getting a lot of growth in this season as his troubles with magic are taken to the next level here. He continues to remain guarded when it comes to his weaknesses and should eventually learn to ask for the help that he needs.
  • The visually darker tone of the series can be a bit overdone in certain episodes and this is one of them. The scenes inside S.T.A.R labs look largely dull and metallic, making it tougher to watch.
Titans season 4 episode 5
Titans season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Inside Man 1

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