Titans season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Super Super Mart

Episode 4 of Titans follows the team as they aim to protect Sebastian Sanger and try to find out why he is wanted by Mother Mayhem. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


A look into the past of May Bennett as she exhibits some basic magic abilities but has a horrible boss who overworks her. May appears to be unable to hold down her emotions and suddenly her boss kills himself.

May loses her job and goes out for a drink where she meets a man who gives her a business card for the organization. He says that they take people with extraordinary abilities and help them cultivate those abilities.

Rachel talks to Sebastian and gets to know him better while the rest of the team tries to figure out what’s next. Jinx brings up Superman’s weakness to magic and asks Conner if he’s got it too.

Sebastian tells Rachel about the three words May asked him to say and Rachel immediately realizes that they’re dealing with the organization. Tim learns that the organization is the cult started by Trigon, Rachel’s father.

They head out to the location of the asylum which burned down the last time the Titans face the Organization and find a department store in its place.

Another look into the past sees May make friends with another woman named Gina in the asylum. They’re both vying to be Trigon’s partner even though they care for each other.

May ultimately gains Trigon’s favour after Gina initially betrays her and she is entrusted with fulfilling the prophecy of giving birth to Rachel as was foretold.

The Titans find an underground lair and explore it to find out more. They find a cell where May was supposedly held and then Tim finds some tapes from the past that they listen to.

They find out that May eventually gave birth to a boy and was then imprisoned for not being able to fulfil the prophecy. She still believes that her son will be the prophet before revealing that her son’s name is Sebastian.

They are worried that since it is the blood moon, the Organization will do everything it can to get its hands on Sebastian and Gar tells them that they have another 8 hours to wait out.

Suddenly, a horde of undead store employees engulf them and the heroes fight them off until Jinx momentarily freezes them in time. They look for another way out and run into a zombie Deathstroke being controlled by May.

Conner tries to fight him off but ends up getting stabbed. They set up a distraction to get Sebastian out of there and the Deathstroke grabs Jinx who disguises herself as Sebastian before killing him again.

The Titans head to S.T.A.R labs for a safe place that Sebastian can stay in. Rachel decides to stay there with him. Conner coughs up some blood and sees it turn into a snake just like what happened with Lex Luthor, but he keeps it a secret from the others.


  • There is a joke about Nightwing comparing Jinx to an iPhone 7 because she has to recharge her powers at one point which comes out of nowhere and because of that, lands perfectly.
  • It is a little frustrating when characters keep secrets when good communication would make life a lot easier for them and that is what Conner is doing now. He’s been in a funk because he’s facing magic but he doesn’t want to show any kind of weakness.
  • The series hasn’t been memorable on the whole and the Organization might not be too fresh in the viewer’s minds despite being present in an earlier season. Playing around with the origins of certain groups can be a bit confusing for many fans.
Titans season 4 episode 4
Titans season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Super Super Mart 1

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