The White Lotus season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Arrivederci

‘The White Lotus’ season 2 finale culminates the buildup with violence, death, deceit, and uncertain second innings of relationships.


Ethan asks Harper if she had sex with Cameron, which she denies, prompting a frustrated Ethan to press even more. She finally confesses that she did come with him to the room, quite drunk, and Cameron kissed her for like 2 seconds before Ethan barged in.

An enraged Ethan goes to the beach and fights Cameron, punching him before trying to drown him twice. He then meets Daphne and tells her Cameron and Harper may have done it with each other, to which Daphne has the same response she had for Harper.

Daphne then asks Ethan to take a walk with her to the nearby island, and he follows.

Meanwhile, Albie asks Dominic for £50,000, which he vehemently refuses to do, until he’s made to think twice when his son proposes a deal — he’ll try to fix his father’s dynamic with his mom if he gives him the money.

Albie tells Lucia he has the money and they have sex, previously having talked about moving to Los Angeles. However, after taking the money, she bails on him. Mia gets the job as the singer and when Giuseppe returns after having healed, Valentina fires him.

Harper asks Ethan what will happen to their marriage. Ethan comes close and starts making love to her, which eventually turns into passionate sex they’ve had for the first time since coming to the White Lotus.

Jack keeps Portia busy and essentially trapped after stealing her phone, but she later manages to get a hold of his and calls Tanya, telling her that something bad is about to happen.

Tanya also adds two and two and figures out that Greg hired Quentin to kill her and have all her fortune. Later, on Quentin’s arrangement, Niccolo boards the yacht to take care of Tanya.

However, she locks herself inside one of the rooms and pulls Niccolo’s gun out, following which she shoots all the men dead except for one of Quentin’s friends who dives into the water and swims away, and the boat captain.

She tries to take the smaller boat by jumping off the bigger one, unsuccessfully, and dies by drowning.

Portia, meanwhile, is dropped off at the airport by Jack, who the warns her to take the flight and not return to the White Lotus, since the men she would be contending with are very powerful.

Lucia celebrates her payout with Mia and Alessio. Tanya’s body washes up to the shore and later more bodies are recovered by the police and sent to the mortuary.

At the airport, Harper and Ethan as well as Daphne and Cameron are all awaiting their flights while Portia meets Albie, telling him that Jack was deranged while he tells her that Lucia scammed him.

The two exchange numbers and wait for their flights before the credits roll on the finale and the sophomore season.


  • ‘The White Lotus’ season 2 ender is a worthy climax to a set of thrilling episodes, culminating in what was teased earlier on, only with some added flourishes of Tanya’s survival action that made the tense moments even greater.
  • Minus that, everything else kind of culminates in more expected ways than not, with some storylines also feeling a bit loose-ended by the time the credits start rolling.
  • While Tanya’s battle with her fate is the highlight of the episode, the Ethan-Harper and Daphne-Cameron climax is one that might get overlooked but one that needs to be talked about more.
  • On the surface, the main characters all seem to have embarked on a sweet happy-ever-after, but the unresolved tensions and unsatisfactory lapses in communication still linger; it’s not just the material baggage that all who departed The White Lotus are carrying with themselves to home, but also the emotional ones.
The White Lotus season 2 episode 7
The White Lotus season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Arrivederci 1

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