The White Lotus season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Abductions

‘The White Lotus’ season 2 episode 6 sees the characters contending with sinister secrets being unravelled and a sense of betrayal plaguing relationships both old and new.


The White Lotus season 2 episode 6 ‘Abductions’ opens with Ethan and Harper confronting each other about their relationship that has run its course. Ethan wants Harper to believe that he didn’t cheat but his credulity has diminished in his wife’s mind.

Later on, it irks Ethan, even more, to see Harper acting all flirtatious with Cameron. This irksomeness soon turns into a big problem as it starts to gnaw at Ethan’s conscience, with him almost convinced by the end of the episode that Harper is cheating on him with Cameron.

Meanwhile, the Di Grasso trio heads off to their ancestral place and Lucia tags along. On their way to the place, though, they’re stopped by Alessio, who’s following them in a car.

While Dominic tries to stand up against them, Lucia tells the trio to just leave and assures them that she’s fine. While they resume their journey, Lucia goes with Alessio to sort this mess out.

The episode ends with Lucia telling Albie that Alessio would continue to come after her unless he’s been paid what he’s owed. Previously, the Di Grassos visited a house Bert claims is his ancestral home.

They introduce themselves as distant cousins and relatives but are shooed off by the unwelcoming residents. Bert is hurt to his core and seems defeated.

Tanya advises Portia to get her life together and not trust Jack as much, telling her that he might not be related to Quentin as they both claim. Portia isn’t sure what to make of this advice until later on when Jack’s not-so-jovial and charming personality starts leaking out.

After making a scene while drunk at the restaurant, he partially confesses to Portia in the room that he was rescued out of a really bad spot in his life by Quentin, and that he has to pay him for it with certain questionable things.

Meanwhile, Quentin takes Tanya to a party where he introduces her to a “well-hung” cocaine dealer. Before a nervous and high Tanya has sex with the man, she finds a photo of a young Quentin sitting beside a young Greg.


  • Quentin’s real identity comes further into light and so does the big, malicious plan he has in store for Tanya.
  • Tanya had it all wrong — these gays are definitely not high-end, and she might come to regret her erroneous judgment of character soon, proving the Tarot reader’s prophesy real.
  • How Portia picks up on all of these conspiracies and acts might determine the fate her employer awaits.
  • Bert’s devastated demeanour following a failed reunion with his original family is sad to look at, as is most of what transpires in the entire episode.
  • With how a coked-up Tanya falls deeper into Quentin’s web, and Ethan spirals into his psychotic breakdown, the likely slate of victims of fatalities in ‘The White Lotus’ season 2 premiere remains the same.
The White Lotus season 2 episode 6
The White Lotus season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Abductions 1

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