The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 recap & review: In the Sandbox

The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 sees Harper making a shocking discovery; Tanya meets a group of delightful guests; Albie and Portia hook up with different people while trying to make each other jealous.


Portia addresses the last night to Albie and tells him they should hang out soon, Albie agrees. She then asks Tanya if she can go hang out with Albie, but the latter is just nonchalantly dismissive of anything she has to say.

Tanya’s morose era comes to an end, though, when she stumbles upon the same group of jovial gays who earlier complimented her. The Englishman of the group asks her to join them later, and Tanya, now a bit cheered up, accepts the invitation.

Later on, Tanya talks with the Englishman whose name is Quentin. He tells her about the house on the island nearby and the tale of the woman who once owned it and was eventually murdered for it.

Finding his company comforting, Tanya opens up to him very quickly, eventually telling her life story to him, from the very beginning, including how Greg left him for work. He tells her she’s too fabulous to be crying and feeling sad like that, inviting her to a party later on.

Meanwhile, Quentin’s nephew is the same guy who was exchanging real flirtatious looks with Portia the other night. He introduces him to her and the two hit it off in no time, with Portia being totally down for all the intense chemistry and sparks between them.

Albie notices the two talking while saving the seat at the beach for Portia (he even asks Lucia and Mia to take another seat because he’s saving it for his friend). With his inner unrest increasing, he finally rushes to her and interjects their conversation with his awkwardness.

Portia tells him she’ll hang out with him later as she’s currently busy tending to Tanya. Meanwhile, Dom and his father call Albie for lunch but he storms out shortly after Dom tries to manipulate his son into talking with his mother about their relationship.

Harper returns and asks what Ethan has been up to, he tells her he had a lot of alcohol. She gets the rug swept beneath her feet when she discovers a packet of condom on the couch.

She asks Ethan again about what transpired the last night, but he lies, again and again, not telling her the truth about the drugs and the girls. He eventually only reveals another thing, though, about Cameron’s efforts at getting him to invest money.

However, Harper is shaken and aware that Ethan is cheating on her; even so, she doesn’t say anything.

Later, at the lunch, Cameron and Ethan keep looking at Harper, realising that she’s aware of whatever they did last night, as she stands up and goes to the pier, blankly gazing at the sky with all the betrayed feelings she keeps within.

Meanwhile, Mia decides to have sex with Giuseppe and get a chance at a singing career. They have sex but the musician can’t finish, so Mia gets one of Lucia’s pills and gives it to him, mistaking them for viagra.

The worse comes true and Giuseppe eventually collapses in the evening, calling for the priest while everyone else is calling for the ambulance.

While Valentine escorts him to the ambulance, Mia is quick and inconsiderate to ask her if she can replace Giuseppe on the piano for the night. She gets a telling-off from Valentine and later from Lucia who learns that she mixed up the drugs and viagra.

Before this fiasco transpires, Portia and Jack flirt with each other again, at the dining hall this time, while Albie stands not too distant from them. Jack tells her she wants to make Albie jealous, but Portia denies the allegations, also asking to move somewhere else because Albie is just too nice.

Jack believes she wants to make Albie envious, though, and so he moves for a kiss, and kiss they do, making Albie uncomfortable. Seeing his sorry state, Lucia grabs Albie and tells him he shouldn’t let Portia win, and the two soon start making out.

Noticing their makeout session, Portia takes Jack to her room where they finally get down to business and have sex, while Lucia fellates Albie, before The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 rolls the credits.


  • The White Lotus ‘In the Sandbox’ has a lot of exciting new developments that the characters go through.
  • Portia has finally given in and found the one that makes her heart flutter, even though she feels bad for Albie the nice guy.
  • Speaking of a nice guy, Albie exhibits most of the traits of a typical nice guy, and his new fling with Lucia is interesting because it opens up the way to eventualities where her sexual affair with his father will be revealed.
  • It’s also interesting to speculate where his dynamic with Portia is headed from hereon.
  • Tanya has met the perfect group of friends but is something suspicious beneath all the delight afoot? A possibility like that can’t be dismissed, given the nature of the show and the grim revelation about Tanya’s fate in the episode 2 of The White Lotus.
  • Harper’s realisation is possibly the most interesting part of this episode, as she gets struck by the fact that she might suffer a fate similar to what she believes and knows Daphne suffers from.
  • It’s also incredibly frustrating to see the dysfunctional relationship between Harper and Ethan, where the latter is so annoyingly walled up and dishonest to her.
The White Lotus season 2 episode 4
The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 recap & review: In the Sandbox 1

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