The Peripheral episode 7 recap & review: The Doodad

‘The Peripheral’ episode 7 follows the Fisher siblings, along with Conner, meeting Lowbeer and taking part in her test. Meanwhile, Ella faces danger from Bob and Tommy steps up against the wrongdoers.


‘The Peripheral’ episode 7 sees Tommy struggling to find some evidence from the crash site but he has a hard time convincing others of his account of what transpired.

However, he eventually does end up finding the car and also the sonic weapon. Soon, he’s called on by Sheriff Jackman to Corbell’s house, where Tommy finds his dead wife lying amidst numerous shards of glass.

Sheriff Jackman tells him to bring in the Fisher siblings as he plans to pin all this fiasco on them. Tommy, knowing full well now that this is a web of malice and corruption, expresses reluctance.

Sheriff Jackman, however, reminds Tommy that try all he might, he won’t be able to convince others of his story over Corbell and his word. A shattered and conflicted Tommy goes back to his car and tells himself that he won’t be able to live like this.

He then returns to stand off against the Sheriff and steps up big time against his corruption — shooting him dead with multiple bullets to the body. Corbell tries to outsmart and out-pace Tommy, thinking he can’t do anything since he’s out of bullets.

However, Tommy pulls out his sonic weapon that Corbell has no idea about, scoffing at it, thinking it’s a toy.

Tommy shows him real quick that this Doodad of his is much more destructive than what the wealthy man takes it up to be, sending him flying through the glass door and knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Flynne, Burton, and Conner meet Lowbeer who takes them to a training facility. While the boys take part in a test to determine their skills, fighting with Koids, Flynne is interrogated by Lowbeer who also gives her a couple of shocking revelations.

She tells her that her timeline was manipulated by the RI long before she came in contact with Aelita, telling her about the Haptic technology research and experiments. She also reveals that in her own past, Burton and Conner fought in a war and only Conner made it out alive.

Finally, she also reveals to her that she married Tommy and had two sons with him. Later, they all disconnect from the peripherals and find out that their friend Reece hasn’t been responding, and he has taken their mother to the hospital.

Reece has been killed by Bob, who has now kidnapped Ella and Dr Dee Dee, awaiting the Fishers. They do arrive, and finally deal him the fatal blow, rescuing Ella and Dee Dee in the process.

Meanwhile, Lowbeer meets with Cherise who tells her all about what has transpired with RI and Aelita, including Flynne’s role in all of this and what Lowbeer should do now.


  • ‘The Peripheral’ episode 7 gives Tommy a spotlight where he truly shines and gets to prove the character that he is.
  • Taking a really bold step allows Tommy to clear his conscience but this event also gives way to some very perilous turn of events in the future.
  • If not Tommy, someone close to him might catch an arrow from Corbell in the coming episodes. He’s an injured shark at the moment that’s been out of the waters for long enough to finally embrace his hideous, evil roots properly.
  • Meanwhile, Lowbeer’s hesitancy or uncharacteristic quietness upon Cherise’s demands is a concerning bit of development, and it’ll be interesting to see what her decision regarding this whole affair might be.
The Peripheral episode 7
The Peripheral episode 7 recap & review: The Doodad 1

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