The Peripheral episode 6 recap & review: F*ck You and Eat Sh*t

The Peripheral episode 6 sees Conner make a radical decision about his life moving forward while Lev and Wilf find themselves in trouble when a most clever and probing police inspector arrives uninvited.


The Peripheral episode 6 opens with the incident during Conner, Burtiny, and their friends’ days in the military that resulted in Conner losing his limbs.

Due to the neural meddling of RI, Conner’s enlivened and tweaked compassion centre compelled him to save the injured dog, wailing from the pain of all the barbed wires wrapped around him.

Conner frees him from the wires, one by one, until he notices that a bomb has been sewn inside the dog. As soon as the reality of the situation dawns on him, the bomb goes off, eventually depriving Conner of his three limbs.

Conner wakes up from this flashback with a jolt in the present day, hyperventilating and disoriented. Burton rushes and sits beside him, helping to comfort and calm him down.

The episode cuts to a new character introduction in Detective Ainsley Lowbeer. She’s a really clever and no-BS person who has a penchant for verbose, conciseness, and directness.

After learning of Daniel’s murder at the hand of a Koid, she pays Lev a visit at his home, surprising him with the uninvited and unwanted arrival, before he could even call his father’s solicitors.

Lev is really nervous and demands he gets his lawyers back but Ainsley is too clever for that, as she lays the facts of the matter straight in front of him.

She tells him if he gets his lawyers to come, she’ll prosecute Wilf right then and there, on counts of conspiracy to murder as his DNA was recovered from the site of Daniel’s murder.

There’s another way here, though, and it entails Lev helping her out in catching the bigger players involved in the case. The first thing she needs him to do is summon all three Peripherals they have, along with their polts.

Meanwhile, in the past, Bob has been kidnapped and held captive by Corbell and his wife. Corbell wants to know why he’s getting all up into his business but Bob is clueless himself, wondering if they’re the ones who hired him.

Bob eventually manages to do something clever and knocks out Corbell’s wife in his absence.

To do that, he breaks their aquarium, and with the help of the salt water that flows out of it, he manages to transfer the shock he receives from the shock collar to Corbell’s wife, knocking her out and regaining consciousness before her.

Meanwhile, The Peripheral episode 6 continues to see Tommy trying to solve this conspiracy he’s gotten himself involved with. Still bleeding from the crash, he tries to find where Bob has gone and who’s taken him.

Later on, his superior — Sheriff Jackman — orders him to take a paid leave and get his head straight. Tommy is shocked later on when he gets a peek at the Sheriff’s shoes, which are the exact same design as the man who dragged Bob out of the wreckage.

Meanwhile, Conner decides to spend the rest of his life as a Peripheral, but Burton asks him to give him some time to think and consider if it’s a decision he can back or not.

Shortly after their discussion, they’re summoned by the future timeline and Conner, Burton, and Flynne log into their Peripherals, meeting Ainsley who instantly approaches Flynne and greets her with a handshake.


  • Ainsley is a great addition to the slew of characters in the show and it’s made evident right off the bat.
  • Her candour and clever person instantly make her significance felt, even amidst all the other intimidating characters.
  • Flynne and Wilf have found out another bit of exciting information about Aelita and at the same time, the show hints at the info Flynne is supposed to have stolen, to have somehow been embedded inside of her, possibly through the eye that was surgically transplanted on her peripheral.
  • Meanwhile, Conner and Burton have arrived at the future London and the story seems to be heading towards the inevitable point where the former learns the truth behind his tragic loss and the subsequent wrath that he’ll unleash on those who wronged him.
The Peripheral episode 6
The Peripheral episode 6 recap & review: F*ck You and Eat Sh*t 1

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