The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Goat Head Taco

The sixth episode of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ season 2 sees Allie learning how things work here in Guillermo’s territory and Charlie confronting Richard. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Allie and Bill fail to break out of the building they have infiltrated to expose the investors who are planning to build a tourist resort on Guillermo’s land.

They are left with no choice but to play along. The kid from the surveillance room claims that he can recognize the men responsible for playing that clip against the investors on the screen.

When the time comes and he faces Allie and Bill, the kid decides to let them go and says that he doesn’t know them.

Back at Isela’s camp, Dina tells Charlie what Margot and Allie are hiding from them. She reveals that Margot is the reason they are on the run.

Dina and Charlie don’t see eye-to-eye. Dina blames Margot for their situation. Charlie, on the other hand, likes to think that Richard manipulated Margot.

He wants to trust his mother. Charlie is quite mad at Richard and really looks forward to doing something about it.

Margot keeps a close eye on Richard and follows him into the jungle. She sees him meet a group of armed men who offer him a bag.

When Richard comes back to his room, Charlie surprises him with a gun in his hand. He threatens Richard and asks him to stay away from them.

Charlie even pretends to shoot him, but the gun turns out to be empty. Richard quickly grabs the gun from Charlie, who leaves with a warning.

On their way back, Allie questions Isela about Guillermo and her camp. She explains that Guillermo owns this land they walk on, and she needs to keep doing what he wants. This way, they can pay the rent.

Allie further wonders what Richard’s voice was doing on the video they were playing at that event.

They bicker over their beliefs. Though Isela points out that they both share the same hatred towards corrupt authorities, Allie finds it crazy that she resorts to terrorism to get things done.

Dina later sits down with Charlie at the party that is being conducted at Isela’s camp. He tells her that he has handled the Richard situation.

Allie arrives to meet Margot, who has been waiting for him. He lets her know that this place is owned by a criminal and finally agrees that they can’t stay here anymore.

Margot proposes a plan. She wants to offer Richard to the government in exchange for full immunity for their whole family.

Margot informs him what Richard has been up to and what he was doing in the jungle. Their conversation ends in a fight, with both blaming the other for being the reason they are here.

Amidst all of this, JJ Raban meets his superior, Renee. He informs her about Margot’s call, but Renee is no longer interested in the Fox family.

He mentions the event Allie was at and how Richard and Margot could be involved in it. JJ Raban tries to convince her that she should care, especially because people are going to die if they don’t take action.


  • At this point, it feels like the second season of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ is going to take ages to move its plot forward. It’s very slow, with barely any developments.
  • Furthermore, the show needs to work on character introductions. The viewers will easily forget characters like JJ Raban, who were introduced during the second season’s premiere. They were used as fillers, and now suddenly they have become important.
  • Apart from that, the episode has continued to drag the story around camp. The show tends to create conversations and questions more and stays away from answering.
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 6
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Goat Head Taco 1

Director: Alonso Alvarez

Date Created: 2022-12-09 00:00

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