The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 10 recap & review: Eulogy

The finale of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ season 2 sees the Fox family resolving their differences while Richard and Guillermo orchestrate their big plan. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Isela’s camp arranges a funeral for Silvia, who died at the hands of Guillermo’s trafficker while helping Charlie. Allie and Charlie are on their way to the resort where Dina is at.

Allie calls Margot and informs her about Dina’s escape and asks her to come to that resort as well. Allie finds Dina, who is not surprised to see him at all.

Allie apologizes, and Dina hugs her father. The two decide to sit down and talk for once. Dina pours her heart out and confesses that she needs her father to support her in whatever decision she takes.

Sometime later, Margot arrives, and Allie tells his family about the new island he has gotten them from Guillermo. It’s off the radar and barely exists on most maps. He calls the place ‘the Mosquito Coast’.

He claims that they can reform the place the way they want. It will be run by the Fox family. They and the people of Isela’s camp can live there. There will be no cartels or zetas. It will be a true sanctuary.

Margot argues that this isn’t what they are asking for. They need to go home. Allie reminds them of the crimes they have committed, and soon a fight erupts between them.

Charlie breaks down and asks them to shut up and think about what they want.

All this while, Charlie and Dina have been hopping from their father’s plan to their mother’s plan. They never get a say in this matter. Charlie wonders at what age they will be allowed to make a decision for themselves.

Margot owns up to her mistake and explains why it was hard for them to tell the truth. She takes a minute out.

Amidst all of this, Richard begins his plan at the same restaurant. He plants bombs under the room where there is a meeting going to be conducted. Charlie sees Richard, and both Dina and Charlie start following him to figure out what he is up to.

Meanwhile, Margot sees Andrea Bautista and her father meeting Carter Albrecht. She tells Allie about them, and he assumes they are just staying here. Then Allie spots one of Guillermo’s men dressed up as the hotel’s staff.

Charlie and Dina see a group of gunmen coming out of Richard’s room. The gunmen head to the room where the Bautistas and Albrecht are conducting a video call meeting with the investors for their project.

The gunmen hold them hostage. Charlie immediately confronts Richard, who has no option but to take Charlie to the same room where Bautistas and Albrecht are.

Upon realizing that Richard is executing his plan here at this hotel, Margot contacts Raban, but he is not willing to buy her tip. The last time around, he listened to her and sent his soldiers, but the mission went to waste because they didn’t find Richard.

Dina approaches her parents and tells them about Charlie. The family heads to rescue him. The cops are circling the place as well and taking down some of Guillermo’s men.

Guillermo enters the room where the Bautistas and Albrecht are. Richard informs him that they have a 30-minute window.

They give the Bautistas and Albrecht their written confessions on how they have destroyed nature for their businesses and ask them to read these confessions live on the internet and then sign them.

Allie splits with his family to look for another staircase from where he can rescue Charlie. On his way, he picks up a smoke grenade from one of Guillermo’s dead men.

The Bautistas and Albrecht sign their confessions. Richard insists that they should leave as they are done now, but Guillermo stops him. He asks for the detonator.

The moment Richard hands Guillermo the device, Bill shoots Richard down. Allie arrives near that room and throws the smoke grenade inside. He picks up Charlie, Richard’s bag full of money, and the detonator on his way out.

Charlie reunites with Margot and Dina, but Allie gets shot down halfway by Bill. Allie asks them to go. When Bill comes close to him, Allie detonates the bombs. He kills himself along with the rest of the people on the floor.

The Fox family accepts that Allie has sacrificed himself. Isela’s camp packs up and heads to the Mosquito Coast. Dina picks up Allie’s experiments and plans from his workshop and then leaves with her family.

In the near future, the family settles down with Isela’s people at the Mosquito Coast.


  • ‘The Mosquito Coast’ delivers a terrible second season finale for a show that was just going downhill despite having a good start earlier this season.
  • The show certainly brought a lot of important characters together in one place for the finale, only to get rid of them immediately. At least that’s what the episode suggests for now.
  • Talking about deaths, the show killed off its main character, and there is hardly any emotion around it. Allie’s death is rushed, and he hardly gets a proper farewell after being the one who carried the show on his shoulders for both seasons.
  • Overall, the finale is built well, but it feels like there has been no proper planning on how to execute the whole confrontation between Guillermo and the Bautistas and how the Fox family would get involved in all of this.
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 10
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 10 recap & review: Eulogy 1

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