The Morning Show season 3 episode 6 recap & review: The Stanford Student

In the sixth episode of The Morning Show season 3, Alex interviews Paul Marks, while Hal comes to meet Bradley with the intention of surrendering himself. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


News about the deal between Paul Marks’ Hyperion and UBA coming one step closer is circulating and being broadcast everywhere. UBA is not receiving a good reception for bringing Paul Marks in. Cory likes to think that everyone is just jealous.

Paul Marks addresses the concerns by showing up at UBA. He talks to all the employees and answers their questions. Alex, especially, is not backing away from questioning the influence Paul is going to have on their network.

Alex and Cory talk in private, and the former expresses that they need to know who Paul really is and what he does with things. Hence, Alex asks for an interview with Paul on her show. Cory thinks this is about Alex wanting to be a partner, and he tells her that this is not her turn.

Alex meets Paul Marks and requests that he come on her show. Paul Marks says yes without arguing at all. The interview will happen on Thursday at his residence. Amidst all of this, Paul and Alex find themselves attracted to each other, even though Alex tries to avoid this.

Hal, his wife, Cheryl, and their daughter, Taylor, visit Bradley. Hal is here with a motive. When the family is hanging out, Hal takes Bradley to the side and confesses that he intends to surrender for what he did at the Capitol.

Hal fears that the FBI is going to find him somehow. Bradley says no to this, as it will not only ruin his life but her own. Bradley explains to Hal that this is already in the past, and they should keep it that way, but Hal has made up his mind.

Alex tasks Chip and Isabella to find dirt on Paul Marks that they can use during the interview. Stella is one of the people Chip goes to, and Stella thinks this through before giving Chip something against Paul Marks.

Meanwhile, Bradley brings Hal and his family to the set of UBA. They get to see her pre-tape a segment for the Evening News. Hal’s family watches Bradley interview a man who is in prison for assaulting a Capitol police officer.

Bradley specially brought Hal here so that he can see what has become of a person who has gotten arrested for hitting a cop at the Capitol. Hal, too, might lose his job, and his family may not speak to him ever again.

Cory comforts Bradley and asks whether they have a problem, but Bradley assures him that she is handling this her way. She doesn’t want Cory to interfere. All Cory asks her to do is fix whatever this is. If she doesn’t, Cory will fix this his way.

Bradley and Laura meet for a date, and it doesn’t go down well with Bradley worrying about Hal. Laura learns that something about Hal is bothering Bradley, but Bradley doesn’t tell her anything. She just says that she is a mess, and she doesn’t want to drag Laura down with her.

Before leaving to interview Paul Marks, Alex crosses paths with Bradley, who is reminded about what they do: they hold people to account.

During the Paul Marks interview, it is Paul Marks who grills Alex. Soon, Alex plays her trump card and asks him about him stealing an idea from a Stanford student by having them sign the NDA.

Upon learning that the student suffered from depression and survived a suicide attempt, Paul Marks reflects on his career and confesses that they have changed a lot since then, and they owe this student at least a conversation.

Paul Marks’ answer leaves everyone stunned, as this will satisfy UBA’s viewers. All throughout the interview, Chip closely observed the relationship Alex and Paul share. Isabella takes note of it.

Chip asks Alex to join them on their way back, but she doesn’t. Once Chip and Isabella are out, Paul and Alex come close. They end up sleeping together.

On their way back, Chip asks Isabella to get married to him in Niagara. Isabella says no and breaks down. She wanted Chip to propose because of her, not because of Alex.

Laura drops by Bradley’s, but to meet Hal, not her. Laura likes to think the reason Bradley doesn’t want to start a relationship with her again has a lot to do with Hal, especially with how Laura judged Hal.

Laura asks for Hal’s support because she thinks she can make Bradley happy. Hal lets her know that he will think about it. Bradley comes back home to find Hal and his family gone.

Hal has left a note in which he has written that he has changed his mind about a lot of things and is heading out early to avoid traffic. Bradley then gets back together with Laura.

Cory rings Paul Marks early in the morning while Paul is still in bed with Alex. Cory is surprised to hear that Paul Marks really liked being in the interview.

Paul Marks meets Stella Bak, who is revealed to be the Stanford student whose idea Paul stole. Stella is planning to quit, but Paul has a job offer for her. He wants her to replace Cory.


  • The Morning Show season 3 episode 6 isn’t as exciting as the past two episodes. Even the revelation of Stella and Paul Marks’ past fails to attract attention. Only Stella being offered Cory’s job promises some drama in the future.
  • During the interview on Alex’s show, Paul Marks may have impressed the characters of the show, but he might leave the viewers split about him. It’s still hard to understand whether Paul Marks is to be hated or loved.
  • Meanwhile, Bradley’s plot doesn’t push any real buttons, but one does wonder how far Cory will go to protect UBA, as he warns Bradley to clear up her mess.
The Morning Show season 3 episode 6
The Morning Show season 3 episode 6 recap & review: The Stanford Student 1

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