The Morning Show season 3 episode 4 recap & review: The Green Light

In The Morning Show season 3 episode 4, Cory organizes a party trying to get UBA back on its feet, while Alex attempts to bring back Paul Marks to them. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


UBA is in a mess since Cybil’s exit and Paul Marks backing out of buying the legacy media company. Stella will be meeting the representatives of Ellipse, and if she makes them lock in a deal for ad sales, everyone at UBA will get to keep their jobs.

Ellipse’s investment will allow UBA to have the loan that they need. Alex is surprised to hear how badly UBA is doing. Cory says Alex can help if she manages to woo some ad executives tonight at the party in Hampton.

Instead of leaving for the party right away, Alex heads to meet Paul Marks, who is going to the YDA party. Meanwhile, Bradley and Laura have started connecting again. Their video has not been leaked. Cory may have paid the hackers. Laura says she will try to attend UBA’s party.

Mia asks Bradley for a fixer who can get Mia’s photographer in Ukraine, André Ford, into a hospital that has been bombed. Mia wants UBA to break this news first.

Stella meets the representatives of Ellipse, who are misogynistic and obnoxious. They put Stella and the waitress serving them through a tough time.

Alex goes to pick Paul Marks up to rope him back into the UBA deal. Though Paul is hesitant to join her, she eventually convinces him to get into her car, claiming that she has a sub-orbital surprise for him.

Alex takes Paul to a theme park and they get to know each other better. Alex apologizes to Paul for backing out of the Hyperion One space trip and takes him on a ride.

The party in Hampton is on, and Cory is pressuring the UBA staff to lure the ad executives present into locking a deal with UBA. Bradley meets Laura. They explore the place.

Stella locks up the deal with Ellipse, but not without being embarrassed by them. They don’t spare the waitress who is helping Stella either. Stella is traumatized by the experience as she informs Cory about the deal on her way to Hampton.

Cory immediately texts Reed from Sloan Management to take a loan. Chris crosses paths with Leonard, the new board chairman, and questions him about the money that is being pulled in. She wonders if he is going to address the pay equity issue. He promises to talk about it at the next board meeting.

Alex continues to try to rope Paul Marks in, who says he just wants to enjoy the day. Paul Marks later defends Alex when a street vendor hurls abuses at her.

Mia receives the images of the hospital attack in Mariupol, but she promises not to run them until André is safe and sound. In the end, after waiting for a while and dropping André a voicemail, Mia decides to run the images.

Just when Stella and Cory are about to celebrate saving the jobs of UBA employees, Cory sees Fred Micklen at the party. Upon greeting Fred, Cory finds out that Sloan has asked Fred to keep an eye on Cory’s loan.

Cory will have to run every major fiscal decision by Fred. Cory will be working for Fred again. Cory finds Bradley and Laura hanging out and requests Bradley to get back to the ad executives. He brings up what he has done for her again.

Cory informs Stella about Fred. He assures her that he is going to find funding. Alex surprises everyone by showing up with Paul Marks in the latter’s helicopter.


  • The fourth episode of The Morning Show season 3 went smoothly. Even though UBA had a lot to worry about, they accomplished their goals. They just suffer while doing so and find another problem again. Hence, the episode was less tense compared to the past two.
  • The act involving Stella and the representatives of Ellipse is intimidating. The writing and acting give a viewer all the reasons to hate these people from Ellipse. Watching Stella get outsmarted and then handle the burden of her painful experience is harrowing too.
  • The fourth episode also makes Paul Marks likable to some extent when he defends Alex. So far, the viewers had gotten to see his egoistic side only. Anyhow, he ends the episode with an epic entrance with Alex.
The Morning Show season 3 episode 4
The Morning Show season 3 episode 4 recap & review: The Green Light 1

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