The Morning Show season 3 episodes 1 & 2 recaps & review

In the first two episodes of The Morning Show season 3, a tech billionaire is willing to buy UBA, which later faces a cyberattack. The episodes are now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 1 recap: The Kármán Line

Alex is preparing to go inside a suborbital rocket into space. Meanwhile, Bradley wakes up with Laura on her bed. However, their relationship has now turned sour.

Bradley leaves for the office. She has been working on an important report concerning the abortion laws in Texas and the situation there with the help of a woman named Luna Garcia.

Cory, on the other hand, visits Paul Marks, a billionaire, who will be launching Alex Levy into space with him on his rocket Hyperion One. The event will be a special on The Morning Show. That aside, Cory and Paul Marks seem to be trying to come to a certain deal too.

Alex has been chasing Cory, and she finally meets him in his office. He reveals that he will be joining Alex and Paul in space. Alex intends to become a real partner at UBA after everything she has done for the network.

Cory isn’t willing to give Alex what she wants. Alex threatens to go elsewhere if things don’t change. All Cory can do is promise Alex that he is going to make her really happy soon.

Cory has been putting efforts into feeding UBA+ and is drowning UBA in debt. His cost-cutting measures are not sitting well with many. Cybil agrees this is a rough patch, but they can’t burn more of their resources.

Stella informs Bradley that she is going to have to punt the abortion piece. Her superiors think she is not neutral on this report. If she crosses the line, UBA will be open to lawsuits and advertiser boycotts.

A disappointed Bradley pours out her frustration later during the event of the American Alliance of Journalists. She first faces Laura, who now works at Your Day America, and then confronts Cory, questioning him about whether he interfered with the Texas report and how things would have been if they had been together.

Bradley wins the American Alliance of Journalists First Amendment Award. During her speech, she mentions how there are always going to be people who will silence them.

Alex comforts Bradley after the speech. She encourages her to just sit in the seat she has now and enjoy the ride. Alex says Bradley is definitely going to report several big news pieces in the coming months; maybe she can let this one go.

Bradley agrees and informs Luna of the disheartening news. Alex and the team of The Morning Show reach the base from where Hyperion One will launch.

Paul isn’t a fan of TV crews following him. However, this TV crew is going to make sure that he gets the NASA contract that he wants. Paul takes special note of Alex and invites her for a ride.

Alex learns from Paul that Cory is planning to sell UBA to him. When she confronts Cory, he explains that they need Paul and his money for the future of UBA. Alex figures out that nobody knows about this deal.

Though Cory assures her that she will be taken care of no matter what, Alex revolts by backing out of going into Hyperion One the moment she receives Bradley’s text, informing her that Luna has been arrested.

Alex leaves to report the situation in Texas. The team of UBA finds themselves in trouble with their star journalist leaving them on their own. Cory manages to stop Bradley from going.

Cory says the Legal will take care of Luna. As of now, he wants Bradley to return a favor. Hence, Bradley is the one who goes into space in place of Alex, who reports the situation in Texas.

Everyone watches what the Earth looks like from Bradley, Paul, and Cory’s pod until the network loses connection, hanging Bradley, Paul, and Cory’s fate in the balance.

Episode 2 recap: Ghost in the Machine

There was a glitch in the broadcast, nothing else. Bradley, Paul, and Cory are completely fine. However, Paul is furious about Alex backing out and the glitch.

Charges against Luna have been dropped. She replies to Bradley and asks her to leave her alone. Alex meets Cybil to inform her about Paul Marks looking to buy UBA.

Cybil assures Alex that this deal will not happen. At the same time, she is not happy with Alex abandoning their crew like this. Cybil asks Cory to punish Alex somehow. Stella pitches that they should make Alex work more on TMS and increase their ratings, an idea that Cybil approves.

During the shoot of a new episode of TMS, the building of UBA loses electricity. Everyone is locked in, and chaos erupts. Once power is restored, loud music is played and files are leaked, suggesting that UBA has been cyberattacked.

The information of every other person whose devices are connected to UBA’s network has been compromised. An intimate video of Bradley with Laura is sent to Cory, and the hackers demand $50 million within 48 hours.

At first, Cory suspects this is Paul taking revenge, but it turns out Paul has nothing to do with this. Alex is the only one who is not worried at the moment because whatever secrets she has have already been aired.

Stella confronts Alex and lets her know that since she blew up an important broadcast UBA worked hard on, she will have to work TMS five days a week.

Mia is in touch with a man, whom she informs about the cyberattack and asks not to send anything to UBA accounts. Cory and Bradley discuss a secret that they share from last year. She requests that he pay the ransom.

Unfortunately, it’s in the hands of the board members to pay the ransom or not. Bradley seeks Alex’s help too, but Alex is sure that Cybil won’t listen to her. Alex doesn’t know about Bradley’s video. Hence, the way Alex doesn’t care about others offends Bradley.

The board members at UBA decide not to pay the ransom, even though the privacy of their employees is on the line. Alex walks in on Chip and Isabella, who have been dating for a year now. Alex is happy to receive at least one piece of good news.

On UBA Evening News, Bradley informs the world about the cyberattack, the fact that some personal stuff might come to light, and that UBA won’t give in by paying the ransom.

When Cory is alone, he calls Earl and asks him to leak documents related to the merger with Paul Marks. After learning about Bradley’s video, Alex visits her to comfort her. Lastly, Stella has a picture with Paul on her phone, which suggests that she has a past with him.


  • The second episode of The Morning Show season 3 shines over the premiere one. It has all the characters by the neck, and it’s quite gripping to see them on the edge.
  • The introduction of Paul Marks is quite a strong one. It’s entertaining to see him deal with the likes of Cory, as they both have big egos. Paul Marks certainly promises a lot of drama ahead.
  • Lastly, Bradley seems to be overshadowing Alex so far, considering the fact that she has secrets of her own and is trying to fight back while being at the top of her game.
The Morning Show season 3 episodes 1 & 2
The Morning Show season 3 episodes 1 & 2 recaps & review 1

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