The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 episodes 4, 5, and 6 recaps & review

In episodes 4,5, and 6, Vox Machina gets their hand on a vestige and makes significant progress in finding the others while Keyleth passes a big test in her Aramenté. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 4 recap: Those Who Walk Away

A past memory shows Vax rescuing Vex from a poachers camp which is also where they found Trinket. Back in the present, everyone is gathered around Vex’s cold body as Kash and Zahra walk back into the chamber.

Kash tries to revive Vex with Pike’s help but it doesn’t seem to be working. Vax sees the Matron of the Ravens walk towards Vex and when her soul is about to be taken, Vax asks her to take him instead.

The Matron cuts a string attaching Vax and his sister and suddenly, he finds himself wearing the Deathwalker’s Ward and Vex immediately returns to life.

As they’re making their way out of the temple, Zahra decides she wants to get the Ward for the take so she releases a creature from an amulet she was wearing and then lifts herself and Kash out of danger.

Everyone begins fighting the monster but anyone that is caught by the creature’s tentacles gets petrified. Vax is in a hallucination where he’s in the middle of a battlefield and he has to fight an undead Purvan, the last hero of the Matron of Ravens.

Kash says he’s had enough and tries to help and Zahra relentingly joins him but they’re no match for the creature. Vax lets himself be beaten by Purvan and passes the test, with the Matron granting him super speed and energy daggers.

He fights off the creature while Kash cures the petrified condition of the others. Vax defeats the creature on his own and Zahra takes them all out of the lake. Zahra and Kash leave the party and Zahra gives Vex her amulet so that she can store a creature and summon it when needed.

Vax tells his sister that he saw the Matron of Ravens and he doesn’t know what it all means for them but he’s scared and Vex comforts him.

Episode 5 recap: Pass Through Fire

As a young girl, Keyleth watches her mother leave for her Aramenté as her father tells her that one day, she’ll have to make the journey as well. This memory distracts her as the party is preparing a shelter for themselves close to Pyrah, the home of the Fire Ashari.

Grog goes away to take a dump but starts talking to his sword, Craven’s Edge. The sword says that as long as Grog feeds it blood, the sword will give him strength.

Vax is keeping watch and he gets a nightmare, waking everyone else. He steps outside and tries to take off the Ward but isn’t able to. Vex keeps the broom that they got at Gilmore’s because it has magical writing on it.

Scanlan reads it and the broom begins to fly. He tells Vex that he’ll teach her the word as long as promises to owe him one favor which could be anything he wants at any time.

Scanlan sees a nearby active volcano and when he tells everyone, Keyleth says that it is supposed to be dormant. Since it is active, the rift between the fire plane is open and Pyrah is in danger.

Keyleth wants to help the Fire Ashari but Vax wants to stay on course. Keyleth shape changes into a bird and flies off towards Pyrah and Vex convinces her brother that if the roles were reversed, Keyleth would do anything to help him.

Keyleth finds a village in chaos and fires creatures attacking the people. as she gets closer to the center of the volcano, she sees her father, Korren. The head of the Fire Ashari tells her that a dragon is the reason the rift is open and Korren says they must close it with their power.

He takes her to the rift where she sees Kima and Allura, members of the council of Emon. Allura asks about the rest of the party and offers to bring them to the rift. The party has arrived in Pyrah by then and immediately gets to work.

When the others see Kima and Allura, Kima explains how Allura teleported them in the last second before they were killed. She also adds that she and Allura were part of a party that fought Thordak and trapped him in the Fire Plane several years ago.

Korren believes his daughter can help close the plane but Keyleth isn’t sure about herself. Korren is struck down and Keyleth begins to panic but she hears her mother’s voice in the winds and walks towards the rift.

She walks through it and embraces the fire just like her mother taught her. She manages to close the rift by herself from the other side and then makes it back safely.

Keyleth receives the blessing of Pyrah and completes the first step of her Aramenté, mastering the element of fire. Anna Ripley approaches the dragon Umbrasyl with a proposition, as she’s been keeping an eye on Vox Machina.

Episode 6 recap: Into Rimecleft

Grog has a nightmare where he kills all his friends to satisfy his sword’s bloodlust. Pike begins to suspect that something is going on with Grog and probes him for answers.

They finally arrive near Rimecleft, the place Vax saw in one of his visions. It is supposed to be where they will find Osysa’s partner. They find a large pillar with warnings but Vex goes up high on the broom and finds a secret entrance in the mountain.

They enter an ancient temple and are confronted by the sphinx named Kamljiori. He sees that he will give them the knowledge that they seek if they can complete one of his challenges.

One of his challenges involves wounding him as he has lived for centuries and never felt pain. They agree to that and he transports them to a different plane.

He tells them that they may strike him one at a time. Craven’s Edge grows hungrier and when Grog says he cannot feed the sword, the sword drains him of energy instead.

Kamljiori strikes the other down one by one until only Scanlan is left. He mentions Osysa and Scanlan gets an idea. Scanlan sings a song about Kamaljiori’s mate and shows him a magic image of Osysa.

Kamaljiori is brought to tears at the memory of his mate that he hasn’t seen in many years and he congratulates Scanlan on wounding his heart.

Everyone else walks up in the temple and sees Kamaljiori and Scanlan getting along quite well. Kamaljiori hands Scanlan a sword which is one of the vestiges called Mythcarver. He says that it has the ability to locate other vestiges and Scanlan begins to see different visions.

He sees a magical bow located in the Fey realm and a pair of gauntlets in the hands of someone like Grog. There is an explosion and Umbrasyl attacks them and is after the vestige.

They begin fighting the dragon along with Kamaljiori but Umbrasyl gains the upper hand and grabs the Mythcarver after mortally wounding Kamaljiori. Grog is overcome by his sword’s bloodlust and when Pike tries to stop him, he stabs her.

Keyleth is preparing a planeshift spell as Grog returns to normal and realizes what he has done. He grabs Pike and heads to towards the others but he, Pike, and Scanlan are transported somewhere else as Keyleth, Vex, Vax, and Percy arrive at the Fey realm.


  • While the story definitely works well on its own, fans of the original actual play series can claim extra moments of excitement at recognizing key exchanges.
  • The animation continues to be of the highest quality and only the best voice actors have been recruited for this series.
  • The individual focus on different character’s stories is a wonderful touch and their journeys are balanced and never overstepping on one another.
Legend of Vox Machina season 2 episodes 4, 5, and 6
The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 episodes 4, 5, and 6 recaps & review 1

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