The Interest of Love season 1 episode 4 recap & review

The fourth episode of ‘The Interest of Love’ sees Sang-su and Su-yeong being cold to each other at work while Mi-gyeong confesses her feelings to Sang-su. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


A flashback shows Su-yeong staying back late at night to help Sang-su at work. He tells her that, contrary to the rumors, he does not come from a rich family. He just wants to be average in his life, as when he was young, he stood out, which made him lonely.

Unlike others in the office, Sang-su respects Su-yeong, even though he is a section chief and she is a service representative, because he has not forgotten how much she helped him when he was a rookie.

In the present, Su-yeong questions Sang-su about hesitating while he was coming to see her for their date and then lying about not making it the other day even when he showed up late.

He replies that he hesitated because he took her very seriously; he even wanted to marry her. His hesitation was not intentional. He then questions her why she acted the way she did and why did she not ask him about it directly.

Sang-su once again asks her if she has feelings for him, and she tells him that she just thought they were similar.

The next day, Su-yeong gets praised at work for selling every Winner’s Plan for season one. Mr. Yuk asks her to prepare for the next season. Everyone notices that Sang-su and Su-yeong are acting cold to each other. 

Su-yeong finds her parents’ outlet closed and wonders if they left because she asked them to leave her alone. 

At Sang-su’s father’s death anniversary, his mother talks about how he has always been too mature for his age, learning to sacrifice at a young age; he even sacrificed ice hockey, a sport he loved more than anything.

She encourages him to be immature for once and find love. This makes him think about how his father’s death. It is hinted that his father killed himself when they were facing financial problems.

His father’s death changed him as a person. He started holding back. However, despite hesitating and taking every step carefully, he is not closer to finding happiness.

Su-yeong and Mi-gyeong have dinner at Mi-gyeong’s house. Su-yeong paints one of her bags. Mi-gyeong confesses that she likes Sang-su because he is kind and thoughtful towards other people’s feelings.

When Su-yeong leaves, Mi-gyeong stops her and gives her a new bag, stating that she has changed her mind about the old one that Su-yeong painted and wants to keep it now.

Su-yeong runs into Mr. Jeong, who sends his paycheck to his parents. Su-yeong realizes that he has a kind heart as he is making sacrifices for his parents. Seeing him buy a cheap dinner at the convenience store reminds her of her brother, and she offers to buy him a good meal.

Sang-su’s mother lies to her clients about her son’s workplace because she does not want people at his office to know his background and look down on him. Mi-gyeong brings Su-yeong to Sang-su’s mother’s parlor.

Mi-gyeong tells Sang-su that she likes him. However, everything that she says reminds him of what Su-yeong said to him the other night. She tells him to take his time in giving her his answer.

When Mi-gyeong and Sang-su win the app contest, Mi-gyeong holds his hands. Sang-su is conflicted, but he does not protest.

Mr. Yuk asks Su-yeong, who has been studying hard for the second season, to get back to her old job and hand over the Winner’s Plan to Mi-gyeong, leaving her heartbroken.

An upset Su-yeong goes to the terrace, where she is joined by Mr. Jeong. He is optimistic that their circumstances will change; he gives her hope. Sang-su, who had followed her to comfort her, sees Mr. Jeong there and does not approach her.

Mi-gyeong leaves a necklace that Su-yeong had complimented in Su-yeong’s bag to apologize to her because Mr. Yuk gave her false hope.

Su-yeong volunteers to go for the AI finance training session to help out her coworker. Sang-su, who had earlier refused to go, also shows up at the session. 

Sang-su gets uncomfortable when other men flirt with Su-yeong, and she gets jealous when they discuss his relationship with Mi-gyeong. 

When Su-yeong goes out for a walk on her own, he follows her quietly. He remembers telling Gyeong-pil that he likes Su-yeong because she never says no to anyone; she makes him want to root for her because she reminds him of himself.

Su-yeong confronts him about following her. She asks him if he still likes her, but then she says that it does not matter since he would not do anything about it anyway. 

She gets a call from Mr. Jeong, and just as she is about to take it, Sang-su stops her and embraces her.


  • Sang-su’s inner monologue in this episode was heartfelt. It was crafted in a way that would give the viewers a glimpse into his thoughts and reveal the reasons that he failed to articulate when Su-yeong questioned him.
  • The episode tries to show the kindness of various characters in different ways. Somehow, it does not seem forced or too contrived; it seems very natural.
  • To make the viewers feel Sang-su’s hopelessness, the episode kept building up to that moment by depicting how she is constantly handed over Mi-gyeong’s leftovers.
The Interest of Love episode 4
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 4 recap & review 1

Director: Jo Young-min

Date Created: 2022-12-29 23:03

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