The Idol season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

The final episode of The Idol sees Jocelyn taking back control of her house and her life from Tedros. The episode is now streaming on Max.

Episode 5 recap: Jocelyn Forever

While Jocelyn makes music with Mike Dean and his team, Tedros does nothing but drink. When he tries to get involved, Jocelyn asks him to leave her house, even after he tries to convince her that he is her only source of inspiration. 

On top of that, she tells everyone how he is a conman and a fraud. She is not going to kick his artists out because she likes them, but she wants him to leave. Tedros still does not go anywhere.

When Jocelyn finds out that Finkelstein is coming to meet her to discuss the tour, she puts together a showcase with Tedros’ artists for her whole team. She gets the singers to work for her by telling them that she can actually make them famous.

Tedros is a drunken mess when Jocelyn’s team arrives. The other singers welcome her team and start performing. Chloe and Izaak’s performances impress Jocelyn’s team, and that is when Jocelyn makes an entrance.

Jocelyn has been ignoring Rob’s calls, who then calls Leia. Leia finds out that Rob was accused of sexual assault. The photograph that Xander took is being used against him. 

Rob needs Jocelyn to give a statement that nothing happened at her house because Rob’s film is releasing soon, but Leia cannot get Jocelyn to listen to her. Leia then speaks to Xander about it, but he shows no regret. 

In fact, Xander tells her that Jocelyn already knows about the news, and that is why she is not returning Rob’s calls. However, Jocelyn only finds out about it when Nikki tells everyone that Rob is being replaced in the film.

Jocelyn knows that this was Tedros’ doing. At the same time, Xander decides to sing for Jocelyn’s team, which makes Jocelyn ask Tedros to leave once again. She then asks Chaim to pay Tedros and make him go away.

Chaim gets security to take Tedros away and pays him to leave Jocelyn alone. Tedros refuses to take the money, as he is not willing to leave. Chaim will have to use other methods to get rid of Tedros, and he is ready to do that.

Jocelyn accepts Xander as a part of her team by telling everyone that he will be opening for her on the tour. She also performs her new song, which impresses Finkelstein so much that he announces that the tour is back on.

While Jocelyn celebrates with everyone, Leia decides to quit her job and leave. Chaim tells Jocelyn that he has taken care of Tedros, but that does not make Jocelyn happy.

The Idol season 1 ending explained in detail:

Does Dyanne become an idol?

Nikki informs Dyanne that they cannot release her single. There is a legal issue because of one of the writers of the song. Nikki promises that they will make Dyanne a star, but it sounds like an empty promise.

Dyanne knows that this was Jocelyn’s doing. Before leaving, she asks Nikki about the same, and Nikki does not deny it.

What happens to Tedros?

Chaim approaches Talia and tells her that he has a bigger story than the one she is going to publish. He needs her help to get Jocelyn out of trouble, and she does help him.

For the story, Chaim gives her all the dirt he has on Tedros. It turns out that Tedros was a procurer, and the sex workers who worked with him gave Talia statements against him. 

Talia’s story ruins Tedros completely. He loses the club, and it is said that even the IRS is going after him. Nikki, Finkelstein, and Chaim are happy that he is out of their lives for good.

Do Jocelyn and Tedros end up together?

Jocelyn prepares for the tour and drops three singles in six weeks. Her tour gets sold out in three weeks. Tedros’s singers, who are now part of Jocelyn’s team, will be opening for her.

Tedros comes to meet Jocelyn at the stadium, and Jocelyn leaves an artist pass for him. After Destiny warns him not to hurt Jocelyn, he gets to meet her. Jocelyn is glad to see him there and tells him that she missed him.

Tedros finds the hairbrush that Jocelyn said her mother used to hit her wait and realizes that it is brand new, which means Jocelyn might have lied about her mother. When it is time for Jocelyn to perform, she addresses the crowd the way Tedros used to address her.

She then introduces her fans to Tedros, the love of her life, much to Nikki, Finkelstein, and Chaim’s surprise and displeasure. Jocelyn tells Tedros that he is hers forever before asking him to leave the stage. 


  • The finale of The Idol failed to be interesting. The audience keeps waiting for that one thing that will make the plot engaging, but it never comes. Much like the rest of the show, this episode was also dull, even more so now that there is no hope for improvement.
  • Jocelyn’s performance in front of her team was meant to show her charisma as a pop idol, but the performance lacks the appeal that was supposed to depict Jocelyn as the star that everyone claims she is.
  • In the end, Jocelyn and Tedros’ roles are reversed. Jocelyn is the one in control, while Tedros, whose life has been ruined, is subdued. However, the audience will have a hard time accepting this abrupt end when it does not feel like one.
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