The Idol season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Stars Belong to the World

In the fourth episode of The Idol, Chaim asks Destiny to keep an eye on Tedros, and Jocelyn finds out about Tedros and Dyanne’s relationship. The episode is now streaming on Max.


Destiny informs Chaim that Tedros’ real name is Mauricio Costello Jackson and that he was arrested years ago for kidnapping and torturing his ex-girlfriend. When he was on trial, his other crimes also came to light. 

Even Jocelyn’s staff does not like working for Jocelyn because Tedros is living at her house. He manages everything on Jocelyn’s behalf, and Jocelyn likes not having to make decisions; she trusts him to do that for her.

Tedros gets Mike Dean to come to Jocelyn’s house and make music with her. At the same time, Chaim sends Destiny there to watch Tedros and report every detail to him. He hopes to find Tedros’ weak spot. 

Destiny speaks to Chloe at Jocelyn’s house. Chloe tells her that she was an addict and that Tedros saved her life. Destiny likes Chloe and gets her to promise to stay true to herself. 

Tedros and Jocelyn make music with Mike Dean. Tedros and Jocelyn’s inappropriate behavior in a room full of people makes Destiny and Leia concerned about their relationship.

Leia and Tedros are still not getting along, and Tedros does not let go of an opportunity to scream at her. Leia complains to Izaak about Tedros manipulating and controlling Jocelyn, but he dismisses her concerns and implies that she is being an obstacle in Jocelyn’s life. 

After observing Tedros for a week, Destiny tells Chaim that there are some very talented people in Tedros’ circle, and Tedros tests their limits by torturing them. With Tedros at Jocelyn’s house, people are always partying and doing drugs. 

Tedros hears Xander singing in the bathroom and asks him why he does not sing anymore. Xander claims that Jocelyn’s mother outed him when he was 13, and he had to quit singing after that because she was jealous of his talent and made him sign a contract.

Xander then lied to everyone about having a vocal injury and not being able to sing anymore. When Xander tells Tedros this, he, along with Jocelyn, believes that Xander is lying to them.

Tedros then holds Xander captive and tortures him in front of everyone, and no one comes to his defense. Jocelyn tries to stop Tedros, but when he claims that this is his devotion to her, she allows him to do as he pleases. In fact, she asks him to shock Xander when he curses Jocelyn and her mother for ruining his career.

Tedros does not stop torturing him until he gets Xander to admit that he was lying. Tedros leaves Xander tied up there, and Izaak comes to untie him after a long time. However, he tells Xander that he must do something for Tedros in return.

When Destiny talks to Jocelyn, she realizes that Tedros had lied to Jocelyn about the reason for being sentenced to prison, and Jocelyn believes every word of it. In Tedros’ stories, he comes out looking like the victim.

Tedros asks Jocelyn to tell her fans about the abuse she faced at her mother’s hands in order to sell the tour tickets, and Jocelyn agrees. Tedros also gets angry at Leia for no reason and embarrasses her in front of a lot of people, which annoys Jocelyn.

When Dyanne comes to Jocelyn’s house to meet her, Chloe ends up telling Jocelyn that Dyanne likes Tedros, and he asked her to bring Jocelyn to his club that night. 

Additionally, Dyanne informs Jocelyn that she signed with her record label, and Nikki wants her first single to be “World Class Sinner”, which was Jocelyn’s song. Dyanne wanted to ask Jocelyn first before saying yes to Nikki, and Jocelyn gives her permission.

An upset Jocelyn immediately texts her ex-boyfriend, Rob, and calls him to her house. Rob left to shoot for a film, and Jocelyn has been ignoring him for a month. Jocelyn told Rob that monogamous relationships were boring, so Rob slept with his costar, and that hurt Jocelyn.

Rob’s presence bothers Tedros. Jocelyn acts as if Tedros is no one important. She then sleeps with Rob, and Tedros is left heartbroken. 

When Rob is leaving Jocelyn’s house, Xander asks him to take a picture with his friend, who is barely dressed. She sits on Rob’s lap, and Xander takes their pictures, even when Rob asks the two of them to stop. 

Rob asks him to delete the pictures before leaving, but Xander seems to have no intention of doing that, as he is seen telling the woman that he got the perfect picture.


  • Da’Vine Joy Randolph manages to provide the much-needed comic relief. Although it is not enough for a show as dark as this one, Randolph’s character will still entertain and manage to stand out.
  • Similar to the previous episode, there are sensitive scenes in this episode as well. The torture will make the audience’s skin crawl and make them dislike the protagonist as well.
  • Apart from Jocelyn finding out about Tedros and Dyanne’s relationship, there was not much plot development in this episode. As the show nears its end, it still seems to lack direction.
The Idol season 1 episode 4
The Idol season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Stars Belong to the World 1

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