The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 episode 6 recap & review: Together

The Handmaid’s Tale introduces a couple of twisters that are predictable and shockers that no one saw coming in the sixth episode of season 6.


The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 episode 6 opens with June and Luke being escorted to an encampment site by the Gilead men.

At the site, the men photograph the couple and take their biometric data. An anxious and jittery Luke tries to escape but gets pummelled down by the brutes.

At Wheeler’s residence, at the behest of the owners, Serena has her gynaecologist checkup right at home, restricting her within the mansion’s confines even further.

Furthermore, the gynaecologist later asks her out for dinner, telling her that the Wheelers gave him a green light when he revealed his desire to do so to them.

Serena has an argument with Mrs Wheeler about it; Serena says she won’t go out with her gynaecologist; Mrs Wheeler disagrees and says she can’t care for her child alone, later ordering her to go to her room when she wants to go outside as well.

Aunt Lydia finds out that Esther is pregnant and goes to check up on her, asking if she made any advances on Commander Putnam. Esther tells her she was raped by the Commander.

Aunt Lydia reveals this to Commander Lawrence and asks if the Commander will be punished or not.

Lawrence facetiously dismisses it all but mulls it over when she crosses the line and talks about Putnam offending the ceremony and God.

Luke and June are stuffed inside trucks and transported to separate locations.

Meanwhile, Commander Putnam is picked up by Gilead forces amid a dinner with his wife in a restaurant.

He’s thrown in front of Lawrence and Nick, who informs him that the special High Court session deemed him guilty of apostasy.

Commander Putnam expresses his confoundment regarding the sins of flesh he’s been accused of, since in his mind, Esther was his handmaid and property.

He tries to tell them he has a baby on the way, but Lawrence looks at Nick and the latter pulls out a gun, shooting Putnam in the head.

Meanwhile, Mr Wheeler informs Serena that June has been nabbed by his men. Serena requests to accompany Ezra to No Man’s Land and see June’s execution herself, and Mr Wheeler eventually agrees.

June is pulled out of the caravan midway and made to kneel before Serena before she is to shoot her dead. However, Serena points the gun she took from Ezra his way and shoots him in the chest.

Ezra wore a bulletproof vest and survives but while he’s down, Serena tells June to get in the car. The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 episode 6 ends with the two fleeing the scene in the car.


  • The Handmaid’s Tale gives a couple of shockers in episode 6 of its penultimate season and as the series approaches its completion, the story beats are looking to develop into the tenets of the ultimate chapter.
  • Serena is at the death’s door and is greeted by Serena with a gun, only to be soon freed from her captivity instead of getting shot in the head.
  • Whereas June can thank Serena’s latest suffering for not getting her head blown off, the same can’t be said about Commander Putnam, who receives a headshot at the hands of Nick.
  • Putnam’s death comes as a shock at the end of an escalating yet seemingly unremarkable turn of events.
  • Meanwhile, Luke is probably heading off to Gilead where he might stay and eventually reunite with Hannah.
  • Even if that doesn’t end up happening, his fate is up for grabs at the speculation space and it’ll be gripping to watch what The Handmaid’s Tale entails for him next.
  • Where are Serena and June headed off to and where they can go really are two of the most pressing questions right now. The answers to these may point to the direction of Gilead.
  • Ezra is not dead and the Wheelers are a nasty bunch. It’s thrilling to wonder where all these stories lead as the current season of The Handmaid’s tale passes its mid-way point.
The Handmaid's Tale season 5 episode 6
The Handmaid's Tale season 5 episode 6 recap & review: Together 1

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