The Good Fight season 6 episode 10 recap & review: The End of Everything

The finale of The Good Fight season 6 sees Reddick & Ri’Chard facing the wrath of a white supremacist group targeting them from across the building. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Felix Staples arrives at Reddick & Ri’Chard looking for Diane. With her not being present at the office, Marissa and Moyo handle him for a while.

Jay goes downstairs to check on the security around their building to avoid protesters from entering. He receives a call from Diane, who is lost in the same crowd of protesters.

Jay rescues her and brings her back into the building with tear gas all over her clothes.

After taking a shower, she attends Staples, who claims that Governor DeSantis has sexually assaulted him. The lawyers at Reddick & Ri’Chard know Staples to be a liar and don’t take him seriously.

Before sending him away, they ask Jay to figure out how much of it is true, but Staples gives them a day to accept his case and threatens to go to their competitor.

While they check on Staples’ accusations, Diane confesses to Liz and Ri’Chard that a weekend getaway has made her realize that she wants to quit being a lawyer, as she feels there is no point in fighting this war anymore.

Ri’Chard steps out, and Liz talks to Diane. She tells her about a small firm acquired by STR Laurie called Stern & Newman.

This new firm consists of 50 lawyers and focuses on women’s issues. They have decided to reinvigorate it and want Diane to run it. Diane struggles to make a decision and opts to call Lyle, but also ends up accidentally giving a missed call to Kurt.

Meanwhile, Kurt notices Diane in the crowd on TV. He quits the NRA and immediately runs to Reddick & Ri’Chard.

The lawyers discuss whether they should believe Staples and the proof he has brought against DeSantis in the form of a stain on a t-shirt. Marissa also points out how taking out DeSantis will give new momentum to Donald Trump.

Amidst the discussion, Jay receives a notification suggesting that the elevators in the building are out.

Wondering if this is another attack from a white supremacist group, Jay calls Randy from the Collective so that he can look into it.

Jay even starts checking the camera that he has kept hidden in the building opposite theirs, which is the spot from where the shots came in last time.

Lyle and Kurt arrive near the building, and both take the stairs to reach out to Diane. They get introduced to each other and soon come across chairs stacked up on Reddick & Ri’Chard’s floor that won’t allow people to go ahead.

Kurt calls Diane and lets her know that they are being targeted. Jay checks the live footage of his hidden camera and discovers a group of attackers loading guns.

He goes around alerting the people at the firm to lie down on the floor, and soon shots are fired. Jay calls Randy again, and he takes care of the shooters.

Once the situation calms down, Jay volunteers to join the Collective full-time. Randy asks him to bring Moyo along, but she ends up rejecting the offer and says she is built to be a lawyer, not an activist.

Kurt and Lyle enter the building at the same time, and Diane finally realizes what she wants. When the terrorists were shooting at them, the first name Diane thought of was Kurt, and therefore, she chose him over Lyle.

Liz reminds Diane of the people she has helped over the years, and the latter accepts her new position at Stern & Newman, with Marissa joining her on this journey in D.C.

Amidst all of this, Reddick & Ri’Chard had figured out that Staples was lying. Staples left the building once the shooting stopped to possibly approach another firm.

Liz’s son, Malcolm, found out about his grandfather’s sexual misconduct. Ri’Chard comforts him and asks him to look at the bright side and what his grandfather did for the Black lawyers.

Lastly, the rumors of Governor DeSantis being involved in a scandal encouraged Donald Trump to announce his run for the presidency.


  • Though the build-up was not up to the mark, the finale still delivered and brought all the thrills the show was teasing since the very beginning of the season.
  • The story of Lyle and Diane at this point seems like a waste, but it’s good to see Diane realize where her heart belongs. Furthermore, Liz reminding Diane of all the people she has helped brings a feeling of nostalgia.
  • The show gives commendable send-offs to characters like Jay and Moyo as they figure out what they want and whether they want to stay with Reddick & Ri’Chard or move on.
  • Overall, the episode was a satisfying end to a calm and laid-back show full of likable characters.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 10
The Good Fight season 6 episode 10 recap & review: The End of Everything 1

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