The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 8 recap & review

In the eighth episode of The Good Bad Mother, Young-soon does everything in her power to make Kang-ho walk again and later gets a letter Kang-ho left for her before losing his memories. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After saving Young-soon, an upset Kang-ho leaves the house. He runs into Mi-joo, who takes care of his injury. When Kang-ho tells her that his mother abandoned him, she tells him that Young-soon must have had her reasons.

Mi-joo also wants to know why she was abandoned without an explanation. She does not tell Kang-ho that he is the one who abandoned her. 

When Kang-ho asks his mother the same question, she tells him that she is unwell, and she left him because she did not want to burden him. When Kang-ho makes her understand that she will not burden him, she tells him that he can be her guardian. 

She then asks Kang-ho to try standing up again, but when he fails to do so, she takes him to a pond and throws him in it to make him use his legs. She continues doing that and getting him physical therapy until he starts walking again. 

The villagers feel bad about siding with Baek Hoon-ah earlier and about Young-soon losing her pigs, so they decide to gift Kang-ho a mobility scooter in order to apologize to Young-soon.

Mi-joo had made Sun-young’s boyfriend act like he was the twins’ father. She had lied to her mother and the children. Suddenly, Sun-young’s boyfriend comes to the village to demand money that Sun-young borrowed from him. 

He threatens her before leaving and does not meet the twins, which upsets them. Mi-joo’s mother figures out that he is not the father of her children, and Mi-joo confesses the truth to her.

The villagers go to gift Kang-ho the scooter and are surprised to see him walking. They congratulate him and celebrate with Young-soon. There, Kang-ho tells Mi-joo that his mother did not abandon him and that Mi-joo was not abandoned either.

Young-soon takes some food to Baek Hoon-ah’s house. She tells him about her disease and that she had earlier planned to leave the pig farm to Baek Hoon-ah. However, this is the only thing that she can give Kang-ho, so she requests him not to take it away from them.

Kang-ho recognizes Chairman Song’s men as the people who hid in his closet, but the men deny it. They find the place where Young-soon had kept all of Kang-ho’s belongings that she got from Seoul.

Mi-joo visits Young-soon with her children, and Young-soon assures her that she will not try to kill herself again. As Kang-ho can now walk, the twins start seeing him as an adult and respecting him. They are impressed by him. Sam-sik also tries to impress them, but it does not work. 

A drunk Sam-sik once again asks Mi-joo if she has feelings for Kang-ho and proposes marriage to her. This time, Mi-joo denies having feelings for Kang-ho but also rejects his proposal because they are both in debt.

The security guard Young-soon had met long ago when she had gone to meet Kang-ho in Seoul calls her. He gives her a letter that Kang-ho had asked him to give to her if she ever came to collect his belongings without him. 

Kang-ho had given him the letter before his accident and specified that it should be given to her and no one else. The letter seems strange to Young-soon, as Kang-ho never spoke to her the way the letter is written. 

She does not get any answers from Kang-ho, as he does not remember writing it. Young-soon contacts Kang-ho’s colleague, and he informs her that Ha-young is Assemblyman Oh’s daughter and that she is now engaged to someone else.

Meanwhile, Ha-young is preparing for her wedding. She remembers the time she came to try dresses with Kang-ho and heard him talk to someone on the phone about a baby. She cries thinking about that time.

Chairman Song tries to blackmail Assemblyman Oh, but it does not work. Chairman Song’s men inform him that Kang-ho is walking again, which makes him happy.

Young-soon starts teaching Kang-ho everything once again. This time, she even trains him how to act at her funeral. 

She also gets a picture clicked with him, and when Kang-ho tells her to stick his father’s picture to it, she remembers that Kang-ho had written in the letter that he still lives in the memories he shared with her and his father. 

This makes her think that Kang-ho must have hidden something in the old picture frame that has pictures of Kang-ho and his parents. Her assumption is right, as she finds an SD card hidden there.


  • After the events of the previous episode, the show needed a lighter and more cheerful episode like this one. The makers made the right choice by not including anything gloomy in this one.
  • The villagers coming together to support Young-soon and the twins’ antics are some of the most amusing moments in the episode. Scenes like these always manage to defuse tension in the show.
  • The end of the episode was quite exciting. It will make the audience question everything about Kang-ho’s accident and also make them wait eagerly for the next episode. 
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 8
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 8 recap & review 1

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