The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 11 recap & review

In the eleventh episode of The Good Bad Mother, Kang-ho finds out about his mother’s illness, and Assemblyman Oh’s past comes back to haunt him. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sam-sik’s parents rebuke him for taking advantage of Kang-ho. He admits that he has always been jealous of how everyone, including his own parents, paid Kang-ho more attention, but his parents tell him that they did all that for his sake.

When Mi-joo goes to tell Young-soon about her past relationship with Kang-ho, Andre’s friend, Hoang, also comes to Kang-ho’s house. Young-soon collapses, and the two women help Kang-ho take her to the hospital, where Kang-ho is told about her illness. Mi-joo stays with him in the hospital and comforts him.

Mi-joo’s mother, Gum-ja, visits Baek Hoon-ah, who is moving back to Seoul, and he tells her about Young-soon’s condition. As soon as the twins tell her what happened to Young-soon, Gum-ja rushes to the hospital. There, she gets angry when she sees Mi-joo and Kang-ho together.

Sam-sik had earlier sold the expensive bag that Young-soon had gifted his mother, but the woman who bought it from him returns it. The bag was first gifted to Young-soon by Kang-ho. 

Sam-sik then finds the DNA test that proves that Assemblyman Oh had an illegitimate child hidden in the bag along with another SD card.

After seeing Mi-joo and Kang-ho together, Hoang does not wish to marry him. Due to this, Young-soon goes to Mi-joo’s house and yells at her for always ruining Kang-ho’s future, but this time, Gum-ja does not stay quiet and fights back on her daughter’s behalf. 

Sam-sik wants to view the contents of the SD card, and Kang-ho is able to remember the password. The two of them find the recording of Assemblyman Oh, Chairman Song, and Kang-ho planning Hwang Soo-hyun and her son’s murder.

Sam-sik convinces Kang-ho to give him both these things, as he plans to blackmail Assemblyman Oh for money. He then goes to Seoul with Mr. Cha and Mr. So and meets Ha-young.

He shows Ha-young the evidence that he has against Assemblyman Oh. When she finds out about her father’s affair, she agrees to pay him, but Assemblyman Oh’s men get to him first.

Young-soon comforts an upset Kang-ho and then goes to apologize to Gum-ja for hurting her and Mi-joo. Gum-ja forgives her, and Young-soon breaks down. She finally gets to talk to her friend about her fears.

Sam-sik is beaten up, and the evidence is taken from him, but he is not killed, as Mr. Cha and Mr. So come to his rescue. Assemblyman Oh finds out about the incident and uses the fact that Ha-young drugged Kang-ho before the accident to threaten her.

Ha-young has no choice but to get married to the man her father has chosen for her. However, on the wedding day, Chairman Song gives Ha-young a picture of Kang-ho walking. She runs away and does not get married because she knows that Kang-ho is getting better.

She never reaches Kang-ho’s house, as Assemblyman Oh’s men find her and take her back home. Assemblyman Oh hits her and gets her locked up in a hospital until the elections are over. He then finds out that Hwang Soo-hyun’s body has been found and that the police are investigating her murder case.

Young-soon goes out with Kang-ho and spends the whole day with him, something that she has never done before. Meanwhile, Ye-jin tells Mi-joo that she should be happy, even if that means divorcing the man her children believe to be their father.

At night, Young-soon gets a call regarding a fire at her farm. She goes to the farm with Kang-ho, and the two of them get trapped inside. While Kang-ho helps Young-soon get out of the window, he gets caught up in an explosion and suddenly remembers everything.


  • The performances by the child actors in the show have always been remarkable. In this episode, Ki So-yu, who plays Ye-jin, is incredible, to say the least. Even though she is a child, she is able to add so much emotion to her dialogues.
  • Young-soon has been learning and growing, and in this episode, her character development is quite evident. She now understands that her love for Kang-ho has been misguided and is finally ready to change that. 
  • Furthermore, Young-soon’s character development is realistic and believable because it takes her a long time to see what she has been doing wrong, own up to her mistakes, and try to change herself to reach this point.   
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 11
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 11 recap & review 1

Director: Shim Na-yeon

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