The Expanse season 6 episode 1 recap: Strange Dogs

Season 6 of ‘The Expanse’ is now streaming on Prime Video with episodes releasing on a weekly basis. After 5 seasons of political shenanigans, sci-fi mysteries and military warfare this season promises to give us more of the same as Holden and his crew face the charismatic anarchist, Marco, and the threat of his Free Navy.


The meteor attacks carried out by Marco Inaros have thrust the entire Earth into chaos and caused the destruction of several populated areas. Avasarala and Bobbie watch on as Gareth coordinates with the fleet to defend against another wave of meteors while making a joke about never liking ‘shooting stars’.

Holden and his team are aboard the Rocinante investigating rumours of belter activity in the outer belt region. They engage a few enemy ships and thanks to some slick flying they take care of the enemies at hand. Amos volunteers to head outside and take care of any dents and dings they surely picked up during the skirmish.

Meanwhile, Clarrisa goes about trying to endear herself to the rest of the crew by carrying out work around the ship but there is still no love lost between her and the people she tried to brutally murder a couple of seasons ago. They say time heals all wounds eh?

On further investigation of a random meteor, they find out that a drive has been attached complete with a nav computer and signal relay. Holden heads out to drive to learn more but mistakenly activates it, putting him in a truly perilous position.

He manages to save himself, however, in the most ridiculous way possible. He tackled the problem the same way one tries to deal with a remote that isn’t working, hitting it constantly until the desired result is achieved.

At the Ceres station that is now under Free Navy control, Marco and his right hand Rosenfeld are barely listening to station chief administrator, Nico Sanjrani. Marco is not one for governance, which is quite common amongst crazy radicalistic dictators who only crave power.

Marco does his best ‘Hitler in Space’ impression as he gives an impassioned speech about how Ceres is his adopted home and it will serve as the capital of the new belter nation they hope to establish. Behind the scenes though, Marco doesn’t really care for the people and just wants to get as much under his control as is possible.

Drummer and her crew are baiting a bounty hunter into their trap but thanks to some nervous hands from Michio, they are forced to make a quick exit empty-handed. Drummer is on the warpath for revenge against Marco and Josep advises her that this way of life is not suited for their beloved Michio. It’s time for this throuple to downgrade to a couple.

Marco’s son Filip goes on a drunken bender, even shooting down his own friend because he isn’t being given the respect he thinks he deserves. It looks like one of the traits passed down from his megalomaniacal father is definitely a huge ego that’s clearly easy to bruise.

Back at the Rocinante, Naomi digs into the module retrieved from the drive and discovers the possible existence of a belter spotter ship named the ‘Azure Dragon’ that is responsible for sending out activation signals for the meteor attacks. They inform Avisarala that they will be checking it out.


  • The Rocinante crew have got their first solid lead that could help them fight back against Marco, and given the history of this show, you can bet the ‘Azure Dragon’ is a historical reference or a metaphor for the characters occupying that ship.
  • Things are moving smoothly for Marco at the moment but his unstable son is surely going to cause him trouble going forward. Hopefuly Filip gets cleaned up and goes on a redemption arc.
  • There was barely any sign of the rogue Martians on Laconia apart from a momentary reference which means there’s still significant plotlines yet to be explored.
  • Avasarala is feeling the heat from the press regarding the state of earth and the threat of the Free Navy and it will be interesting to see how she deals with it in the upcoming episodes.

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