The Expanse season 6 episode 2 recap: Azure Dragon

The second episode of season 6 of the expanse is out and it involves a lot of conversations as compared to the action-packed opening episode last week.


We’re given a closer look at a martian girl and her family who are recently settled in Laconia. The girl’s parents look like scientists, and since they seem more like peaceful kind, odds are their opinions don’t matter much.

The Rocinante is at a rendezvous with a U.N.N supply ship for a routine resupply when they learn that ‘G.I. JOE’ Bobbie will be joining them on their mission, which is now to capture the Azure dragon rather than destroy it.

The crew are not happy about this change of plan which involves so much more risk, but when it comes to governments it’s very hard to argue with their decisions.

At the Ceres station, Filip is rotting in a holding cell for his recent misdemeanors, but is released on direct orders from his father.

Marco gives his son a dressing down and a lecture on being responsible for your actions and reminds him that’s he lucky to be who he is, receiving the kind of nepotism usual reserved for the film industry or politics.

Drummer is meeting up with a slimy smuggler named Liang Walker, who has promised safe transit for Michio to the nearest station.

After some catching up and a news update on what’s going on with the Free Navy, Drummer decides to use Walker’s Intel to really cause a dent in Marco’s revolution.

Rosenfeld and Marco have a conversation about Filips preferential treatment. She is of the opinion that a little tough love doesn’t hurt anyone. Clearly she’s had a troubled childhood and needs some help herself.

The Rocinante closes in on the Azure dragon but they begin to flea leading up to a high speed chase.

Bobbie manages to make the jump onto the target ship but Naomi is struck by PTSD from the last time she jumped out of a ship, leaving Clarissa to think on her feet and salvage the mission.

They manage to take control of the ship, but not before Clarissa earns the respect of the crew thanks to some gutsy decision making.

Once they’re in, they hit the mother load of enemy Intel and are quite pleased with themselves.

Avasarala beckons for the relentless Monica and proves why she’s been at the forefront of all the politicking on this series with an impassioned request for Monica to write a propaganda article in favour of earth.

Marco gets news of the capture of the Azure dragon, and rather than be mad at this new development, he is excited about the coming war. Being the war mongering sadist that he is, this is the ideal outcome for him.


  • The Laconia plotline involving the Martians is clearly building up to something, hopefully the payoff is worth it.
  • The U.N.N have scored a huge victory thanks to the brave antics of the Rocinante and they’re ready to capitalise on it.
  • Marco is set to have trouble from all corners, with the assumed retaliation from the fleet of earth, but also a possible attack from Drummer who seeks to raid his supply.
  • The strange fate of the martian ship disappearance near the ring is still very much a mystery with only brief mentions, but it’s sure to be integral going forward.

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