The Boys season 3 episode 7 recap & review: Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed

In season 3 episode 7 of ‘The Boys’, Billy Butcher and Hughie continue their deal with Soldier Boy. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video.


After the battle with Homelander at the end of episode 6, the situation has calmed down. Hughie has a chat with former Vought Head Legend, in whose house he, Butcher and Soldier Boy are staying.

Legend tells Hughie that Soldier Boy was never the man he claimed to be. His achievement of having fought the Nazis was fake.

Homelander talks to Queen Maeve, who’s being kept in confinement. While he doesn’t want to harm her, his desire is to harvest her eggs and produce his child, who would supposedly be twice as strong as Ryan.

Continuing their agreement, Butcher, Hughie and Soldier Boy help him get revenge on the remaining members of Payback. They attempt to first hunt down Mindstorm but the Soldier Boy tells them to be wary of making eye contact with him.

However, the supe sneaks up on them and Butcher makes eye contact. Mindstorm sends him into a never-ending nightmare.

Soldier Boy claims the only way to escape this is if Mindstorm chooses to end it. Otherwise, he will die of terminal dehydration. But Soldier Boy has no interest in saving Butcher.

Kimiko tells Starlight of her desire to get her powers back and asks her to sneak into Vought to get Compound V. After initial hesitance, she agrees.

Cassandra leaves The Deep after he makes the messed-up request of having a threesome with an Octopus.

A-Train survives after getting the heart of the supe he killed; Blue Hawk, and he’s far from happy about it. He can now use his powers again as well.

Black Noir is still terrified of Homelander. Attempting to console him, his imaginary cartoon friends remind him how ruthless Soldier Boy was and when he tried to be an actor. The unrelenting super pummelled him for wanting more attention than him.

The cartoons also recreate what happened in Nicaragua. Upon Stan Edgar’s request, they fought Soldier Boy and let the Russians take him because Vought thought their new child experiment would become stronger than him; Homelander.

Butcher’s nightmare takes him back to the days when he and his younger brother, Lenny, were abused by their father.

Figuring out that he’s frightened by Soldier Boy, Victoria urges him to get his act together and asks for an undisclosed favour.

Starlight enters the Vought HQ to get compound V but also successfully manages to bait Homelander into accepting his crimes live in front of her 190 million followers on social media.

Hughie and Soldier Boy find Mindstorm but he teleports him to Butcher instead and snaps him out of the nightmare by promising to save the supe from Soldier Boy.

However, the former Payback leader finds him and attacks. Before killing him, he asks why Vought betrayed him, and is shocked at the answer.

During her search for Compound V, Starlight made a startling discovery. 3 to 5 doses of Temp V can kill the user.

She lets Butcher know this, who is still reeling from how his brother urged him to not let Hughie die in his nightmare. He is on the verge of telling Hughie about the fatal nature of Temp V but changes his mind at the last second and claims they need more of it.

Kimiko is injected with Compound V by Frenchie and successfully gains her powers back. This also shows that the users of Compound V always get the same powers.

At the end of the episode, Soldier Boy calls Homelander directly and makes a shocking revelation. In 1980, he was asked to donate semen for a Vought experiment. In 1991, Homelander was born. Soldier Boy is his father, or so he claims.


  • In one of the best episodes of the season so far, vital information comes to light that could completely change the game.
  • The startling reveal of Soldier Boy claiming to be Homelander’s father could effectively mean The Boys now have to fight two overpowered supes. Or, it could be a plan to lure him in and take revenge.
  • The backstory of how Soldier Boy was betrayed has finally been revealed. And although it was somewhat predictable, the way it’s told gives a fresh perspective into Black Noir’s character.
  • Starlight continues to play an integral part by fighting her own battle against Homelander, who so quickly falls for her trap.
  • The penultimate episode of the season sets up a rather promising finale. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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