The Boys season 3 episode 5 recap: The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies

Season 3 episode 5 of The Boys picks up after the group accidentally freed Soldier Boy from the Russian facility where he was being held captive. It is now streaming on Prime Video.


The Boys look at footage from the Russian lab and realise that they had been experimenting on Soldier Boy, granting him brand new powers.

Homelander struggles to manage Vought as its new head as he is unfamiliar with this side of the corporate world. Hughie comes clean to Starlight about using Temp V, assuring her he has no more left.

Maeve is disappointed to learn that there is no weapon that killed Soldier Boy, and things heat up between her and Butcher, leading to them hooking up.

After being hurt by Soldier Boy in the last episode, Kimiko wakes up to the joyful realisation that being hit by Soldier Boy’s laser took away her powers.

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Speaking of Soldier Boy, he’s out on the streets of Russia. A radio reminds him of his time as the subject of experimentation and he loses control, killing at least 18 people and blaming a whole in a building.

Homelander watches the news of this on TV and believes Edgar is plotting against him. He smells Butcher’s scent on Maeve and orders Black Noir to capture him.

The Boys follow tracks of Soldier Boy and realise he went to meet the former Vought head The Legend.

A-Train convinces Blue Hawk to apologise to the black community, but it backfires as the racist supe hurts many of those present. He also injures his brother Nate, leaving him unable to walk, infuriating A-Train.

The Legend Informs The Boys that Soldier Boy did come to see him. But, all he asked for is the location of his ex-girlfriend Crimson Countess.

Kimiko starts speaking again, much to the joy of Frenchie, and the two even break into a surprise musical. But before they can spend more time together, Little Nina abducts him to force him to work for her.

The Boys capture Crimson Countess. But surprisingly, she knew that Soldier Boy was alive in Russia all along. She had helped the Russians capture him.

Butcher and Hughie gain powers from the Temp V. Starlight arrives at the scene, but Hughie doesn’t want her to be there to keep her safe. She is also disappointed that he took the serum again. 

Butcher drugs M.M. to make him incapable of moving. When Soldier Boy arrives, Butcher makes a deal with him and sends him to Crimson Countess.

When he asks why she betrayed her, she reveals it didn’t even take money from Russians to throw him under the bus. The fact was that she hated him, just like other members of Payback.

Soldier Boy kills her. As he comes towards Starlight, Butcher and Hughie, she gets ready for a fight, only to be stopped by Hughie.

He reveals that their plan all along was to make a deal with him, as he is the weapon that can kill Homelander. They knew that M.M. wouldn’t agree, which is why they drugged him. Starlight wasn’t informed about the plan as well as she wouldn’t agree with it.

Even though Starlight urges him not to go with Soldier Boy and Butcher to fight Homelander, he leaves.


  • The musical performed by Kimiko and Frenchie comes out of the blue and is a pleasant surprise. Even at this stage, the series doesn’t fail to surprise.
  • The revelations about Soldier Boy have changed the storyline completely. From a threat to ally, even though this probably won’t turn out well.
  • Hughie is taking the Butcher route, and has changed massively. This could cause a rift between him and starlight, giving some complications to their relationship.
  • This was one of the best episodes of season, both in terms of being engaging and providing important details that poise the upcoming battle between The Boys plus Soldier Boy and Homelander.

Rating: 4.5/5

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