The Bad Batch season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Entombed

In episode 5, the Bad Batch accompanies Phee Genoa as they journey to an uncharted planet in search of an ancient treasure. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Wrecker and Omega are rummaging through a junkyard for a part that Tech is looking for. They return with the part as well as a ton of other trinkets that Omega felt were worthwhile.

Phee notices one of the items and discerns that it is a compass with coordinates in it. With her droid’s help, she finds out that the compass leads to the uncharted planet of Kaldar Trinary, where an ancient treasure lies.

Omega wants to go and search for the treasure but Hunter isn’t too sure about it. Phee assures them that she’s a professional and Hunter agrees with a deep resignation since they’re not on a mission.

They arrive on the planet and find a landscape that has been razed to the ground and made inhabitable. The compass is activated and they follow it to a dead end by the side of a mountain.

Phee discovers a passageway into the mountain and they all cautiously enter. They find themselves in a room with etchings dating back hundreds and thousands of years.

The walls have panels that need to be moved and aligned as a test and when Phee moves one of them, the exit behind them closes. Omega looks through the glass in the compass and notices that some of the blocks are lit up.

Using the compass, they solve the puzzle and move forward through the tomb. Phee is sure that this is the Skara Nal, the resting place of the Heart of the Mountain, an ancient crystalline gem.

As they are walking through the halls of the tomb, they are suddenly attacked by a huge feral creature. They manage to hold it off but the roof collapses and the debris separates Hunter, Phee, and Omega from the others.

Tech, Echo, and Wrecker tell them that they will find a way around using the side caverns. Phee continues forward with Omega following close behind. Hunter is still not certain of their situation and remains on guard.

They reach another circular hallway and Hunter walks ahead. Omega notices a lighted pathway on the ceiling but before she can stop Hunter, he falls through the floor. He manages to get himself back up with his grappling hook and some help from Phee.

Omega sees a spot where the compass fits perfectly and when she places it there, the hallway rotates so that the lighted path is on the bottom. They continue on and reach a door, where they are later joined by the others who have found their way.

They open the door and find the crystal, but when Phee pulls it out the entire structure begins to move and it turns out to be a giant mech. The Mech begins using an energy weapon and destroying everything in its path and Tech concludes that putting the crystal back will stop it.

Meanwhile, the feral monster returns and attacks them. Phee reluctantly agrees to return the crystal since their ship might get destroyed leaving them stranded on this planet. It gets knocked over in the fracas and she goes after it.

Wrecker flings the monster outside as Phee gets the crystal and throws it to Tech and Omega who place it back. It immediately disintegrates and the mech shuts down and collapses.

The Bad Batch and Phee escape without minor bumps and bruises and a little less confidence in treasure hunts in the future.


  • The characters spend a lot of time within the caverns and the darkness within this episode makes it quite challenging to enjoy genuinely. The animation is great but it is a shame that most of it goes unnoticed here.
  • This is yet another filler episode but less consequential than the previous one. With a 16-episode season, there are bound to be a couple of fillers and this is one of the weaker ones.
  • It does a good job of establishing the character of Phee and what she’s about. She appears to be a fun character who will lead the batch into a few scraps along the way and Wanda Sykes is a wonderful choice to voice the character.
The Bad Batch season 2 episode 5
The Bad Batch season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Entombed 1

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