The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 1 and 2 recaps & review

In episodes 1 and 2, the Bad Batch receives intel about a potentially lucrative score but it also involves a large amount of risk attached. The episodes are now streaming on Disney+.

Episode 1 recap: Spoils of War

Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker are running away from a pod of giant crab-like creatures as Wrecker carries a large case with him. Omega is studying on the Marauder with Tech keeping an eye on her.

Hunter informs Tech that they need to carry out a “hot exit” and Tech starts up the ship to pick them up. Omega falls off and has to keep some crab-like creatures at bay until she successfully attaches herself to the cable of the ship.

They successfully escape with the cargo and head back to Cid’s parlor. When they arrive, they find Cid with another pirate named Phee. Phee tells Cid that she wants a cut of whatever the Bad Batch can acquire thanks to the info she has provided.

Cid tells them of a huge war chest within Count Dooku’s Palace on Serenno. She claims that the Empire is already busy looting the place but they could definitely sneak away with something.

Hunter believes it is too much of a risk but the others are convinced that they could do something significant with the loot. He reluctantly agrees and they set out for the job.

On the ship, Echo tells Hunter that they need to use the resources to help them fight back the Empire but Hunter just wants to keep a low profile and lay low. Echo admits that rescuing Omega has made their lives more complicated but it was the right thing to do.

They arrive in Serenno and find the city near the palace in ruins. The Empire is loading up the war chest on cargo transports while clones oversee the operation.

Hunter offers to be the distraction while the others sneak onto the final cargo ship and grab whatever valuables they can. Wrecker knocks out a trooper before they begin searching the container.

He grabs a case and steps off the ship as Hunter reconvenes with him. The trooper in charge, Captain Wilco is alerted that one of the clones isn’t responding. They move to high alert and Hunter and Wrecker are forced into action as Tech, Echo, and Omega are trapped on the cargo ship.

It sets off and Hunter tells them that they need to leave before the ship jumps to hyperspace so they try to get to the nearest escape pod. Hunter and Wrecker have to fight off the remaining troops on the ground and sneak into the palace for safety.

Captain Wilco orders the transport to get rid of their escape pods in anticipation and Omega remembers that in this ship, the containers have re-entry thrusters of their own so all they need to do is detach a container.

They successfully do but the thrusters do not initiate as they hurtle down toward the ground.

Episode 2 recap: Ruins of War

Wrecker and Hunter make it to the main hall of the palace and are pinned down by other clones. The re-entry thrusters finally engage as the container crashes down near the northern forests and stops right on the edge of a cliff.

As they try and get out, the container tips over and goes down the cliff, and lands on a ledge. They get out and climb back up with Omega wanting to take something with them but Echo tells her that their safety is more important right now.

Hunter and Wrecker use an elevator to get to a lower level and then rappel down to the ruins of the city below to make their escape. Captain Wilco orders half the forces to go out and recover the containers while the others set up a perimeter near the city.

Omega notices that they’re being followed and sure enough, they come across a man named Romar. He says that he’s one of the survivors of the city and he takes them to his shelter nearby. Tech broke his leg in the crash and isn’t able to move very swiftly.

Hunter spots some old separatist tanks and heads toward them in the hopes of using them to cut through the clones’ ranks. Romar tells Tech and the others how Dooku stole from them as well and the contents of the war chest are cursed.

Omega is hell-bent on getting something from it but Echo expressly tells her that it’s too dangerous. Wrecker fashions a makeshift cannon from one of the disabled tanks and that helps them get past the clones.

While Echo is watching out for patrols and Tech is helping Romar out, Omega sneaks away to go back to the war chest. Echo returns and notices her missing, immediately figuring out where she must have gone.

Tech tells him to go forward while he catches up. Echo reaches the container and has to jump into it after a couple of clones on speeders arrive and start firing.

Tech attacks them from behind to grab their attention and manages to fight them off but is knocked out. Hunter and Wrecker manage to get back to the Marauder.

Romar shows up to help Tech to his feet and while they’re helping Omega and Echo get out of the container, a gunship and more clones on speeders approach. Omega fills up her bag with jewels but drops them in the chaos.

They destroy the gunship just when the Marauder arrives to pick them up and they just manage to escape. Omega apologizes to Echo for complicating their lives and not getting something the war chest but he tells her that she’s far more important than any of that.

Admiral Rampart receives an update on the situation from Captain Wilco the next day and he brings up the fact that the Bad Batch perished in the wreckage of Tipoca city.

Wilco says that he’s certain that it was them and Rampart admits he would get in trouble if his indiscretion was found out so he shoots Wilco, sending him off a cliff.


  • The animated Star Wars series have always been very good at balancing the tone of the series to suit all ages and these episodes are a fine example of that.
  • Omega’s determination to get something from the war chest as an “apology” is an accurate representation of how a child would react in that situation. There are subtle nods elsewhere as Tech realizes that the Separatist planets were just like any other and it was the people at the top who were responsible for their image.
  • The episodes move at a comfortable pace and the length of these episodes makes them perfect for a casual watch.
The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 1 and 2
The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 1 and 2 recaps & review 1

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