The Afterparty season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Isabel

In The Afterparty season 2 episode 9, Isabel explains who she thinks has killed Edgar. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Isabel starts explaining her story before revealing who the killer is. Last year, her husband died, and she started descending into madness. She struggled to sleep at night. Even sleeping pills didn’t help.

She used to spend nights trying to find something to do. As a proud woman, she hid from Edgar and Hannah that something is wrong with her.

Isabel would get lost in her thoughts and assume that Edgar and Hannah are judging her. The sleeping pills continued to fail her, making her mad. She started hearing a piece of music that Edgar’s father liked. However, Edgar didn’t hear any such music in the house.

While Isabel was coming undone, Edgar was moving on with Grace. Edgar had told Isabel about Grace during a game of Scrabble, but she still got Grace’s name wrong.

Following this, parcels began arriving at Isabel’s residence. She doesn’t remember ordering them at all. After realizing that his mother is losing her mind, Edgar talks to Dr. Shulkind, and he advises them to discuss conservatorship.

To prove to Edgar that she is completely fine, Isabel designs napkins for the wedding. She makes sure that she has gotten Grace’s name right on these napkins. However, once again, the napkins delivered come with the name ‘Gail’ on them instead of Grace.

After meeting Travis at the rehearsal dinner, Isabel realizes that this is about cryptocurrency. Edgar is onto Isabel’s money. Everyone hearing the story doesn’t agree with Isabel because Edgar already had a lot of money.

The night Sebastian visited Isabel, she kicked him out, believing that Edgar sent him to prove that Isabel is mad. She pushed Grace to sign the prenup because Grace will get one million dollars regardless of what happens between her and Edgar.

Isabel also notices the tablet Grace has, which is Adderall. It looks strikingly similar to her sleeping pills. Isabel deduces that her son is giving her Adderall for months to drive her insane.

Edgar points out how the colors of these two tablets are different. Isabel stops him from calling Dr. Shulkind by agreeing that these two tablets are different and assuring him that she is fine.

Edgar hopes that Isabel won’t mess up during her toast. Something like that happens when Isabel is handed a different speech than hers.

If Isabel reacts, she will be called mad, and if she reads this new speech, she will still be called mad. Isabel didn’t want any of that to happen, so she improvised and said the lyrics of MMMBop by Hanson.

Later, Isabel suspected that Edgar is trying to poison her by offering her a piece of cake. She saw a chance and switched her cake with his, and now she believes she is the one who has killed Edgar.

She blamed Grace because no one would believe her story. Grace was the next most logical suspect. Also this morning, Isabel found the napkins she had ordered with the correct spelling of Grace in Edgar’s room.

Although Isabel admits that she killed Edgar, Danner and Aniq aren’t satisfied. Edgar ate the cake at the reception, and he died after having hallucinations at the afterparty. The Devil’s Trumpet is still the poison used to kill Edgar.

The Devil’s Trumpet causes hallucinations only after 15 minutes of consuming its poison. After Edgar ate the cake, there were 90 minutes of dancing before the after-party started. So, clearly, Edgar didn’t die after eating the cake.

Isabel’s friend, Howie, who is a cop, comes with his team and interrupts the discussion. Isabel quickly tells him that Grace is responsible for her son’s death.


  • Isabel’s story gives the viewers an interesting spin on how they are looking at this murder mystery and, most importantly, at Isabel. Everyone saw her as a heartless, cold, rich snob. It turns out she has a heart too.
  • While Edgar can be seen as a villain, this episode almost completely established him as one. Even Grace is left wondering what kind of man she married.
  • While Isabel’s story is full of surprises, Travis continues to give viewers fillers of his own that will have them laughing out loud. Scenes like watching him get beaten by Isabel again and negotiate with Sebastian are hilarious.
The Afterparty season 2 episode 9
The Afterparty season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Isabel 1

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