The Afterparty season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Feng

In The Afterparty season 2 episode 8, Aniq and Danner view the footage recorded by Kyler that reveals Feng’s secrets and another suspect. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Zoë videocalls Kyler while he is in the middle of a skateboarding session and requests him to send the raw footage he recorded during the weekend.

While Zoë is busy convincing Kyler, Aniq goes to Vivian’s room and urges her to tell Zoë and Grace about her affair with Ulysses. It’s a big secret, and she should be the one telling her daughters about it before they find out about it from someone else.

Aniq comes out of Vivian’s room and meets Isabel, who is acting strange and is already ready to sell Edgar’s stuff. Aniq and Danner start watching the footage. Vivian asks for Zoë, who is forced to bail out.

In place of Zoë, Feng joins Aniq and Danner. Before the videos can even be played, Feng confesses that everything he did this weekend was for his family.

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The videos begin, and they are more about Kyler helping Feng make his business successful by bringing Feng’s baobing to the wedding. At times, Kyler has edited some of the videos to make them more funny.

One of the videos has Feng talking to someone about a debt he hasn’t paid yet. Feng justifies this by saying that every business goes through some turbulence. Also, Feng’s family doesn’t know about these money troubles.

The videos also show Feng walking out of rehearsal dinner on Ulysses’ arrival. However, it was for a very different reason. Feng’s lender took Feng’s truck, in which he makes shaved ice, back.

Feng is only allowed to retrieve a few things from the truck. Feng doesn’t give up and plans to use his homemade shaver to make his baobing.

Feng is going to serve that ice during the wedding, make Grace proud, and save the company by convincing Edgar to invest. He pitches his idea to Edgar the next day, when Edgar is done swimming. However, Ulysses interrupts and ruins everything.

The videos also feature heartfelt moments that Feng and Grace share. Still, there are times when Ulysses takes away Feng’s spotlight. It is revealed that Feng is the one who ruins Zoë’s speech by trying to make baobing at that time.

While many people at the wedding love the baobing, Edgar rejects tasting it after having a heated conversation with Isabel. Feng himself offers Edgar some baobing at the after-party. After much insistence, Edgar and Roxana taste the bing and hate it.

This does break Feng’s heart, but he confesses that he didn’t kill Edgar. Another video reveals that Feng didn’t lose hope and had different plans for his business.

However, the timing of the poison and Feng offering the baobing to Edgar match. On top of that, the Devil’s Trumpet was found in Feng’s room. All of this suggests Feng is the murderer. A disappointed Feng walks out of the room.

Aniq comforts Feng and asks him to be more honest. In tears, Feng tells Aniq how Vivian encouraged him to pursue this business. He is doing this business for her; she is his life.

For once, he doesn’t want Vivian to see him as a safe bet—a boring engineer. He wants her to see him as an adventurer like Ulysses. Amidst all of this, Vivian tells Zoë and Grace about her affair with Ulysses.

Vivian admits that she got caught up in the adventure, but that wasn’t love. She assures her kids that what she has with their father is love. Following this, Zoë reminisces about how much she loves Aniq, while Grace realizes that she is in love with Hannah.

Danner comes to Aniq and Feng and shows the video of a confrontation between Edgar and Isabel, who is their next suspect now. Aniq and Danner approach Isabel, who reveals that she knows who the killer is; it isn’t Grace.


  • The Afterparty season 2 episode 8 balances its comedy and emotions to the best. The actors have done their part really well, especially Ken Jeong, who plays Feng.
  • Feng’s story is full of hope and love for his family. Most viewers will be able to relate to his struggle. Though the way this arc plays out isn’t new, Ken Jeong’s acting talent makes everything count. People will laugh and cry with Jeong.
  • Feng’s story is told through a series of mobile-captured videos, which are more like vlogs, in a found-footage style. The videos are well-crafted by the creators, as they have tried to take small details into consideration, like the music that is played during the wedding in the background in these videos.
The Afterparty season 2 episode 8
The Afterparty season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Feng 1

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