The Afterparty season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Ulysses

In The Afterparty season 2 episode 7, Uncle Ulysses explains his side and discloses some shocking secrets. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Aniq struggles to tell Zoë that they will have to interview her Uncle Ulysses and possibly her parents too. Zoë thinks it’s a huge waste of time. Uncle Ulysses barely knew Edgar.

Zoë isn’t interested in talking to Aniq if he is going to question her family. However, moments later, she meets her parents, who tell her they don’t want to participate in the investigation in a tone that makes them look guilty.

Uncle Ulysses says he can explain the glass, but he is asked to tell his whole story. Ulysses claims that he has lived many lives and starts telling his tale.

It begins in the harsh, unforgiving desert of the Middle East. Ulysses is a dancer on the ‘Rootin’ Tootin’ Salute to America’ tour, traveling with the US Army. They are attacked, and watching his friend lose his foot leaves Ulysses traumatized.

The tour gets canceled, and Ulysses goes back to civilian life. The only family Ulysses has is his half-brother, Feng, who is from his mother’s previous marriage.

Feng never makes Ulysses feel like they are half brothers. Feng suggests a depressed Ulysses compete in ballroom dance competitions with Feng’s wife Vivian, who was once a competitive ballroom dancer and came in thirtieth at Nationals.

Vivian teaches Ulysses the ballroom dance. The two start competing in different ballroom competitions and eventually come closer. The belief Vivian shows in Ulysses brings him back to life. The two unexpectedly start an affair.

They live double lives. On the road, they continue the affair, but at home, they try to keep away from each other. Feng, on his side, keeps Vivian happy too. The guilt consumes Ulysses and Vivian, and the latter decides to end their partnership as dancers.

Ulysses’ heart breaks, but he finds solace in his nieces, Zoë and Grace, as he becomes Funcle Ulysses. However, his love for Vivian never leaves his mind. The two come close again while dancing with Zoë and Grace.

Ulysses lets her know that he is in love with her and that he can’t keep pretending; he needs to go. Vivian gets emotional. Feng ends up overhearing their conversation. He tells Ulysses to go and warns that if he ever sees him again, he will kill him.

Ulysses travels the world, hoping to forget dance and Vivian. Years later, Edgar visits him after tracking him down in Patagonia. Edgar invites him to his and Grace’s wedding and also gives Ulysses hope that Grace is probably his daughter.

Ulysses’ revelations are heavy, and Aniq believes he shouldn’t know this secret. Danner deduces that this is the secret Vivian and Edgar were talking about, and Aniq figures out that Edgar has Patagonia marked on his map because he was searching for Ulysses.

During the wedding weekend, Vivian assures Ulysses that she got the paternity test done. Feng tells Ulysses that Grace is his daughter and warns him not to tell her anything else.

Ulysses’ hopes are dashed. However, during the wedding dance, when Edgar leaves Grace behind, Ulysses joins her. Grace is a natural dancer, and this convinces Ulysses that she is his daughter.

Ulysses decides to do a paternity test himself. When Sebastian spots Ulysses doing something with a glass, Ulysses is taking Grace’s DNA. Ulysses says that Feng stopped by the bar with his famed bing, which Feng claims is only for Edgar. Now there is a chance that Feng murdered Edgar.

Amidst all of this, from Hannah, Zoë learns that the videographer Feng hired has left. Zoë believes he must have some evidence as he was filming all weekend. So she and Travis track down his Instagram ID and hope that the footage he has will help them.


  • Feng promised an adventurous story. Instead, what the viewers get is a tale full of heavy revelations that has one saying this can’t happen.
  • The viewers will be able to match Aniq’s reactions, as Ulysses and Vivian’s affair and Grace possibly being Ulysses’ daughter are things nobody saw coming.
  • Feng is next in line to tell his side. Feng seems like someone who doesn’t back off from showing his emotions. If he loves someone, he loves them a lot, and if he doesn’t, he won’t want to see their face again.
The Afterparty season 2 episode 7
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