The Afterparty season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Travis

The third episode of The Afterparty season 2 sees Travis, Grace’s ex-lover, narrating his side of the story while Zoë finds a new suspect. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Zoë shows the prescription for Adderall and a third cuff link that she found on Edgar’s body to Aniq. The cufflink has a ‘G’ on it. Zoë is pretty sure that if she finds the other cufflink, she will find the killer.

While Zoë chases this lead, Aniq joins Danner to interrogate Travis Gladrise, Grace’s ex-lover, who somehow showed up on Grace’s bedroom door moments after she discovered that Edgar is dead.

Travis begins telling his story. He believes that Grace sent him the invitation to her wedding because she is crying for help. He saw himself as a detective and looked into who Edgar is. He learns that Edgar has launched his own cryptocurrency.

Travis has been scammed before by someone else, and he wanted to stop Edgar from scamming people like him. So, according to Travis’ investigation, the top five investors in Edgar’s cryptocurrency are shell companies owned by Edgar himself.

Edgar is using his own money to artificially inflate the value of his crypto. Travis also thinks that Grace left him hints about this tech scam in the food choices of the wedding invite.

Travis admits that he was invited to the wedding, not the rehearsal dinner, but he crashed the event. He read everyone’s faces, and the person who actually caught his attention was Hannah, Edgar’s adopted sister, who genuinely showed interest in him, according to him.

Travis also confesses that he sneaked into Edgar’s room and came across a list of names, books on disappearing, and a map with locations marked.

Travis notices everything except for the safe that is right in front of him. He only sees it when Sebastian shows up, points it out, and confronts him about what he is doing.

Sebastian leaves Travis on his own after telling the latter that Edgar names everything based on a horse’s name. Edgar’s father was obsessed with horses. It is hinted that Sebastian realized something, and that’s why he left abruptly.

Once Sebastian had left, Travis discovered a list of codes in an attempt to open the safe. He cracked what the codes meant and deduced that Edgar is going to fake his own death and run away with the money he earned from his artificially juiced crypto.

Travis believes the list of names he has discovered in Edgar’s room are the identities Edgar will take. Travis planned to save Grace from taking the fall, as she is getting married to Edgar.

When Travis returned for the wedding, he crossed paths with Hannah again. She hinted that she wouldn’t mind stopping this wedding herself. Travis and Hannah teamed up, but the latter bailed out of the plan.

Travis resumed his investigation and tried to follow Edgar when he left the wedding dance abruptly and ran away. However, someone knocked Travis out from behind.

When Travis woke up, he did find Edgar with everyone else, having drinks. Travis confronted Edgar, who started calling everyone the devil. Grace took Edgar to bed, and Travis camped outside their room to stop Edgar from escaping.

Travis fell asleep and, this time, woke up to find Grace screaming, as she had discovered that Edgar is dead. Travis likes to think Edgar was trying to escape, but before he could execute his plan, someone killed him.

Amidst all of this, Zoë, with the help of Grace, finds out that the cufflink is a key of a typewriter. They find the typewriter this key belongs to in Hannah’s yurt.

Hannah’s garden also has three plants that are poisonous, and one of them makes a person hallucinate. Edgar saw everyone as a devil the night before he died, and now there is a chance that Hannah is behind this murder.


  • The second season of The Afterparty brings the noir theme earlier than expected, but it fits really well with Travis’ ridiculous story full of assumptions.
  • Travis is no detective, and the whole story he narrates certainly gives the impression that everything he investigated is of no use. What it does well is drop hints about who else could be the murderer. Apart from Hannah, it suggests that Sebastian and Zoë’s father could know something.
  • The third episode may not be substantial, but it is hilarious. It’s funny watching Travis imagine himself as the cold detective everyone around notices, only to see him get beaten and realize that he is not exactly that good.
The Afterparty season 2 episode 3
The Afterparty season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Travis 1

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