The Afterparty season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Danner 

Season 1 episode 7 of Apple TV+ murder mystery comedy series ‘The Afterparty’ delves into detective Danner’s past and why the case matters to her so much.


After Culp rats out Danner, and she’s taken off the case, she tells him exactly why they need to crack the case, and the truth behind her replacement.

Years ago, after graduating from the cadet academy, she had believed that she could make a difference. Her dreams were shattered when she’s assigned cases such as a stolen microwave egg pod cooker.

The victim had uploaded surveillance footage of the culprit on social media as well and had only called the cops because it was mandatory to do so.

Things take an interesting turn when a homicide case occurs nearby. Dinner quickly finds out that the person who committed this crime also had a hood jacket and green hair, just like the egg pod cooker thief.

She tells this to her boss and her replacement in the present time, Detective Germain, about the similarity, who acts as if she’s done a good job.

They find Willow, the girl who stole the egg pod cooker and arrest her. However, she has the perfect alibi for the murder, as she was somewhere else at the time.

Germain refuses to believe that someone else could be wearing a hood with the same colour and have green hair, but Danner is convinced that she’s telling the truth.

She digs in deeper and begins to suspect the homicide victim’s husband, Vaughn, when she finds signs that he was having an affair.

Not interested in finding the real perpetrator, Germain pins everything on Willow to further his career and tells Danner to stop interfering.

Danner isn’t about to let an innocent girl get punished for a crime she did not commit and tells Willow’s attorney exactly how Vaughn has murdered his wife, by copying Willow’s look from the video that was posted online to frame her.

She tells him that Vaughn borrowed a costume from the sets of his show, Marshall Law, for his nephews, but he doesn’t have a nephew in truth. The attorney hesitantly says he’ll look into it.

The attorney tells everybody about Danner’s interference, and she gets demoted, stuck in a dead-end role with no chances of advancement, as Germain mocks her. But she’s happy that Willow was saved, and even lets her keep the egg pod cooker.

Danner tells Culp that they need to crack the case fast because Germain doesn’t care about the truth and he will arrest Aniq at the first chance.

Just then, Danner has an epiphany. She might have solved the case but needs to tie a few loose ends. They’ll need Maggie’s testimony about what happened that night to close the case, which will be the season finale.


  • A look into what made Danner the person she is today helps a lot in building her character. Also, it raises the stakes as her replacement is ruthless.
  • The episode is quite humorous, as we get more of Tiffany Hadish’s comic timing as Danner.
  • While the flashback is important, the identity of the murderer has been dragged quite a lot and it’s about time the viewers are told who killed Xavier.

Rating: 3.5/5

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