The Afterparty season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Zoe 

Season 1 episode 6 of Apple TV+’s comedy murder mystery series ‘The Afterparty’ narrates Zoe’s version of the night when celebrity singer Xavier fell from his balcony, suspected to be murdered.


Zoe starts her version. Since she’s the ‘artist girl’, her film is animated, with all the characters getting cartoon versions of them.

Zoe, herself, is divided. Like, literally. She has a wild side and a safe side to her. The wild Zoe wants this night to be like they were back when she was in school.

The nice Zoe is interested in talking to Aniq, however, the wild Zoe wants to court danger. She wants Eugene, I mean Xavier, because he’s famous now.

The song that Zoe sang? Yeah, that wasn’t for Aniq. It was for Xavier, forced out of her by wild Zoe to impress him.

When they sit down together, the nice Zoe isn’t really having a good time with him. Good thing Yasper comes in to distract him. When Aniq talks to her, the nice Zoe laughs, much to the annoyance of wild Zoe who doesn’t want her to play safe tonight.

But when he suggests that they check out the teacher’s lounge, both the Zoes get excited. The two, or three rather, take a tour of the school, getting closer.

As Aniq tries to kiss her, more Zoes come forth. She’s really nervous about it but decides to go ahead. Their kiss is interrupted when she sees Maggie at the reunion party.

Later, Xavier swoops in on a helicopter, completely winning over wild Zoe. They leave Aniq behind and go to the afterparty.

There, he confesses that he just smooth-talked Zoe to get her in her room. When he tries to kiss her, Zoe is saved by Brett showing up at the afterparty.

She goes to confront him, and he lies that Maggie isn’t there with him. When rage Zoe is about to attack him, the other Zoes tell her he’s not worth it.

A heart-to-heart talk with Brett is interrupted as he gets worried about Maggie and makes a hasty exit. The Zoes decide to go and talk to the one who genuinely makes them laugh; Aniq.

However, the cat tranquillisers have had their effect on him and he passes out. The Zoes finally realise they don’t need a guy to enjoy the night and proceed to have a great time.

It’s revealed that Jennifer #2 was the one sending Chelsea threatening anonymous messages. Zoe and Chelsea talk, finally making up.

Just then, the rest of the events from previous episodes take place and Xavier falls to his death. It turns out Zoe just narrated the story to suggest Aniq was innocent since all of them could have a reason if the story is told a certain way.

During the interrogation, Culp calls the Captain to tell her Detective Danner has been conducting the investigation without the authority, removing her completely from the case. 


  • The charm of the animated episode quickly wears down, and it doesn’t align with the previous episodes.
  • The same story being told over and over again is starting to take its toll now, the show needs to pick up the pace.
  • The episode is average compared to the last one, where important revelations were made. It does have its fleeting humorous moments, though.

Rating: 2.5/5

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