The Afterparty season 1 episode 5 recap & review: High School 

Season 1 episode 5 of Apple TV+ comedy murder mystery series ‘The Afterparty’ narrates the incidents that occurred at a high school party 15 years ago.


The party everybody keeps referring to is finally addressed, and it happened at Walt’s house. You know, the guy nobody can seem to remember.

Xavier wasn’t always the jerk he is today. In fact, he was completely invested in his and Yasper’s band, and it was the latter who had qualms about sticking to it. Xavier also ended up on the waitlist at Stanford University, while Aniq got in.

Chelsea, who had been dating Ned at that point, recently broke up with him due to differences. Aniq plans to swoop Zoe off her feet.

At the party, Yasper brutally ‘breaks up’ with Xavier, but not before letting him know that it was Aniq’s suggestion. Xavier, filled with rage against Aniq, pulls his pants down and pushes him into the pool.

Brett tries to get closer to Zoe, and the two start to hit it off. Xavier and Chelsea talk, and go to a room together, but nothing happens as she refuses to do anything with someone she just got to know.

In a desperate attempt to become cool, Xavier lies to everybody that he and Zoe slept together, and even had a three-way with Walt.

Aniq tries to salvage the night but is dealt a huge blow when Zoe and Brett figure out that they’re going to live nearby for college. Shattered, he throws his disc of songs curated for Zoe in the trash.

Ned, heartbroken after believing Xavier, makes out with Jennifer #1, who are still together in the present day. 

Brett accidentally picks up Aniq’s disc and acts as if he was the one who made it. Poor Aniq could never catch a break, even 15 years ago. The playlist contains Zoe’s favourite songs, winning her over.

Xavier, still not happy, rubs the fact that Zoe and Brett are now together into Aniq’s face. In the present day, Zoe asks why Aniq never told her the disc was his, as this was the moment that she fell for Brett, but it wasn’t even his gesture.

Aniq has had enough of Xavier. He picks up a baseball bat and shatters Xavier’s new expensive car, leaving him on the edge of tears.

The cops show up and let Xavier go because they’re familiar with his Dad’s company, but keep hold of Aniq. They ask if Xavier wants to press charges against him, and despite Aniq’s pleas, he throws him under the bus, taking away his scholarship at Stanford in the process.

In the present day, everybody points at Aniq to be the murderer, because he had the biggest case for revenge, however, he points out that everybody held a grudge against him.

Right then, Zoe suggests she could be the killer as well. When detective Danner says she doesn’t have a grudge against him, Zoe reveals that she didn’t, until the afterparty. The next episode will narrate her version.


  • One of the best episodes of the season by a margin. How everybody ended up where they are is addressed to great detail.
  • The spin that Xavier was the one who was betrayed and treated like a loser makes the viewers sympathise with him, if only for a fleeting moment.
  • The fact that Brett used Aniq’s gesture to win Zoe over could easily mean that Aniq will finally be with Zoe.

Rating: 4/5 

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