Ted Lasso season 3 episode 11 recap & review: Mom City

The eleventh episode of Ted Lasso season 3 sees Ted’s mother visiting her son while Jamie prepares to face the crowd in Manchester. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


On a stroll through the city, Ted crosses paths with his mother, Dottie Lasso, who is visiting him. He wonders if everything is fine and why she suddenly showed up. Dottie is loved by Ted’s friends and peers.

Rebecca and Dottie instantly connect. Dottie later shares a group hug with Trent, Beard, and Leslie. She entertains everyone by sharing stories about Ted.

Nate has now started working at Taste of Athens as the head waiter. Isaac, Colin, and Will visit the restaurant to ask Nate whether he would like to return. Nate is happy to hear that they want him back, but he rejects the offer.

Meanwhile, Jamie is depressed and isn’t responding the way he used to. Roy tries to motivate him. Watching Jamie break down helps Roy realize that this isn’t his area of expertise. So he approaches Keeley for help.

Back home, Ted makes the bed for his mother, who inquires if Ted is still having those episodes of panic attacks. He admits that he hasn’t experienced those for a while and that he has been seeing a therapist who has helped.

The next day, the team leaves for Manchester. Keeley attempts to comfort Jamie, but she makes things worse. Later that night, Roy and Keeley follow Jamie around, and after finding out what they are doing, Jamie takes them to where he is going.

Jamie, Roy, and Keeley arrive at Jamie’s childhood home, where his mother and stepfather live. Jamie, as a mama’s boy, curls up in his mother’s arms. Playing against Manchester brings back the memories he has of his father.

Jamie’s mother helps him move past that. Roy and Keeley, on the other hand, receive a tour of Jamie’s house. In Jamie’s old bedroom, Roy and Keeley see an old poster of Roy and a picture of Keeley from her modeling days.

Roy confesses to Keeley that he wants to be more than friends with her before Jamie walks in, telling them that they will be heading back now.

The next day, during the match, Jamie is heavily booed on the field. The commentators remind everyone how Jamie left Manchester City to star in a reality television show.

AFC Richmond somehow ends up scoring the first goal. The team continues to defend its score, with Van Damme making sure that Manchester City doesn’t get the ball past him.

While making a desperate save, Jamie injures himself. The team wonders if they should replace Jamie. Ted opts to talk to Jamie, who confesses that he is looking for his father in the crowd.

Ted pitches that if hating his father isn’t motivating him, maybe he should forgive him. He explains how it will work for him, not for his father. Jamie gets back onto the field and makes a solo goal before walking out.

The boos turn into cheers. On his way out of the game, Jamie receives a standing ovation. Richmond wins the game and advances to the final, where they could finally win the whole tournament.

The whole team goes out to celebrate, while Roy, Keeley, and Jamie have a party of their own. Ted shows Beard the old clip of Nate from the time when he came to tear that “Believe” sign of theirs.

It turns out that Nate got himself locked up inside Ted’s office for hours before escaping that day. Ted reminds Beard what second chances can do to people.

Jade spends the whole day convincing Nate that he should go back to coaching. Nate later agrees, and he is met with surprise when Beard shows up at his door. Ted once gave Beard a second chance at life. Beard intends to do something similar for Nate. He offers him a job at Richmond.

At night, Rebecca is visited by Bex and Rupert’s assistant. Meanwhile, back at his home, Ted confronts his mother for not talking to him about his father’s death when he was a kid and for acting like everything is alright. This backfired on Ted.

Dottie came all the way here to tell Ted that his son misses him. Ted breaks down and confesses that he misses him too; he is just afraid to get close to him now because he knows he is going to leave.

Dottie comforts him, and the next day she leaves his favorite sunflower seed bread and a note for him like she used to before going back home.

Rebecca is in Ted’s office, and this is that time of year when she drops a truth bomb on him. This time around, she has nothing to say, but Ted does.


  • The eleventh episode of Ted Lasso season 3 brings strong storylines that prepare us for what is to come in the finale. Both Jamie’s and Ted’s plots are strongly written and hit the right emotions.
  • The eleventh episode is one of the few that manages to do justice to the show’s hour-long episodes. Each minute feels crucial and worth living.
  • Though both Jamie and Ted’s stories work well, somewhere a viewer will feel that Jamie overshadowed Ted. He seems to receive more screen time than the lead character himself.
  • Lastly, Nate’s return doesn’t feel that anticipated, but Beard’s sudden appearance at his doorstep and hearing Beard’s story end up giving viewers a mix of emotions at the same time.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 11
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 11 recap & review: Mom City 1

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